Harnessing The Power Of Expectations

Think back to Christmas day and the expectations you had. Presents wrapped underneath the Christmas tree. Snow on the ground. The days off of school.

Expectations were built. Expectations were had. Sometimes they were met, other times we were left empty.

However, there was a power behind our expectations.

The power of our expectations was able to get us out of bed early. Excited and ready to rip into presents.

Now, expectations normally let us down.

We have the expectation of the daily grind. The expectation of doing our daily workout. Or maybe it’s the expectation of returning to work on Monday.

Somehow we’ve let expectations turn into a negative, rather than a positive, empowering force.

How can you harness the power of expectation today? Here’s a few tips to do so.

Look for the positive side of things: One reason expectations have become negative is because we’ve let them. We associate negative feelings to what’s coming next and this becomes our expectation.

Stop looking for the negative and begin looking for the positive side of what’s coming. Monday around the corner? This means you have the opportunity to lead your team to new heights (or maybe it’s as simple as the chance to earn another paycheck).

Decide to do your best work today: Sure, today may be another day you have to head into the office. This doesn’t mean you should mope around.

Instead, decide to do your best work today. Throw yourself into producing the best quality work you can.

Decide to have pride in the work you do. When you decide on this, you’ll have a renewed vigor for the tasks in front of you.

Find a way to move forward: Maybe the situation you’re in isn’t the best. Then today is the day to harness expectations and find a way to move forward and away from this situation.

Let your expectations be one of forward thinking and new horizons. Decide to move forward today.

Expect great things for yourself. Know you can do better. Decide to move on. These are all ways you can harness the power of expectation in your life today.

Don’t let the negativity hold you back. Grasp onto the positive expectations and change your life today.

Question: What’s one expectation you need to change for the better today? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Great post Joe – I have to admit that I am recovering pessimist. I have found though that we usually get what we are looking for. Most recently I have quit complaining about Mondays. Today – I need to change my perception of my “for pay job” – I need to see beyond my role and focus on how I can encourage others.

    • The first step in recovery is recognizing it Jon. At least you’re on your way.

  • One is I need to expect that I’m not going to get everything done on my to-do list and that’s ok 🙂 I have to focus on what’s important.

    • Good addition Kimanzi. I can see how having that expectation can make life less stressful/easier.

  • I have to do an “expectations check” at the beginning of each work day. It’s a sort of reevaluation of the tasks I’m working on in light of my goals.

    Am I supposed to be working on THIS today? Am I driving toward its completion so hard that I’m compromising quality in any way? Is my expectation to get more things done or to do good work?

    I think today I need to adjust a few expectations about my current project in light of the necessary, daily administrative interruptions. I hate those little details, so I tend to make them back burner, but they are what keep the ship afloat.

    • Those are great things to check for. When we know what we’re supposed to be doing, we can have much better expectations of the day!

  • tgilbert

    Well, expectations are quite cultural. At times it’s quite okay to take a look at how other people in other nations, including those that we believe to be “Third World Countries”, do things. Isn’t that what we do when we read the Bible? Aren’t Jesus’ settings in another culture, around difficult people (people who were trying to entrap him through their legalistic religious expectations of what they thought He ought to do and how He ought to do things, miracles)? Expectations could really work against us, even more the older we get, because when things do not work out as we hope they will — our bitterness level goes up, a very human feeling/thought.

    The thing is to understand that a To Do List is like a muscle. This is to say flexible, open for some stretching, open to retake its original form when the stretching has handled all it can for that moment, for that day.

    Whatever we do or say has to have a fundamental ingredient, love — love at its best! If we love ourselves — really and truly — we’re going to be quite compassionate toward ourselves, and every little accomplishment will be the source of genuine celebration because an accomplishment is an accomplishment, period!

    Love and compassion toward ourselves will allow us to love and to be compassionate toward other people. Life becomes easier with those two ingredients at the very top of our list. Thus an important expectation is to be at the very top of our game — come what may — but allow some room for a miscalculation here and there because that’s part of life. As a very close friend of mine used to say, In Math 2 + 2 = 4, but in life that’s a more or less!

    Much love always!
    tg 🙂

  • “One reason expectations have become negative is because we’ve let them.” and that just sums up a really great life! Thanks Joe.