Giving Up On Giving Up

Ever been in a situation where you or someone you know where stuck? The solution just wouldn’t come? It seemed hopeless?

There was the desire to give up. To stay there’s no solution to this problem.

Give Up Wall

Image By Brian Carlson

What if, instead of giving up, we began looking at these type of situations in a different light? As an opportunity to learn. To discover new ways of thinking and to move forward?

How could this change your life?

Getting Away From Giving Up

Giving up can be easy for me. Do you find the same to be true for you?

Are you ready to throw in the towel when the times get tough? Are you ready to move away from the give it up attitude?

I am and I hope you’ll join me on the journey. I’m not perfect in this area, not even close. But I know that we have to get away from giving up so easily.

There’s a great reason we should get away from giving up. When we give up easily, it shows a lack of commitment. That we’re unwilling to push through.

Let’s get away from giving up.

The Benefits Of Giving Up On Giving Up

There are plenty of benefits to giving up on giving up.

  • You’ll build your resolve muscles: As we make the commitment to carry on, you’ll discover you have the power to complete projects. Your resolution will build because you’re determined to see the project to the end.
  • You’ll discover new solutions to your problems: When you become determined to finish hard tasks, you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll learn. Roadblocks will pop up. Yet you’ll have the resolve to push through. As you’re pushing through, look for new ways to accomplish the task. These new ideas will be key to giving up on giving up and finishing the job.
  • You’ll finish things: Move away from giving up and you’ll find yourself following through with your commitments. Instead of taking the easy way out you’ll give it one more shot. You’ll look at things in a new light. You’ll choose to finish.

Question: How could giving up on giving up improve your life? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Carmen DeSousa

    Thankfully, I have a wonderful support team who would not allow me to give up. And now, I’m an international bestselling author of four novels and two short stories.

    Giving up is easy, but unrewarding. Stay the course, and someday you’ll reap the rewards.

    Carmen DeSousa

    • Wow Carmen! That’s awesome. Congrats on creating four novels! That definitely requires giving up on giving up. How has your support team encourage you when you wanted to give up?

    •  Carmen, thanks for the inspiration. I needed that today.

      •  I agree with Bernard. Carmen, that was something I needed to hear today too! I have been sitting here grumbling to myself all day wishing I had more time to do the things I want to do instead of spending hours doing things that seem to make little difference in the world.

        Joe, I think the hardest part for me is continuing to press on when I see very little results for my work. I am feeling particularly frustrated today and wishing I could escape to a different world that does not involve the drudgery of my daily tasks. I know I am still here for a reason, but I haven’t figured out why yet. So in the meantime, I just continue to take baby steps toward my dream. 🙂

        • Thanks for the honesty Alana. It’s tough to be doing work that matters yet not seeing the results. You’ve got talent though and you have a heart to make a difference. Don’t give up just yet. Keep pushing forward and you’ll eventually make the breakthrough.

  • DS

    Giving up is easy if you’ve never seen a person struggle through a difficult situation.  It’s one of the reasons that I love reading about and hearing about ordinary people overcoming life’s challenges.  I think it’s a great challenge and a great reminder Joe to finish what we start.

    • True. Some people go through life and see the facade of perfection. Who are some of the people you’ve most enjoyed reading about their struggles?

  • When I know I should do something, I don’t quit.  However, I actually need to be better at quitting somethings much faster.

    • It’s that fine line Todd. Good luck as you journey to find it.

  • I love the analogy of building your resolve muscle. I think too easily we give up on a whim…not really thinking things through because we’ve taught ourselves that if it doesn’t feel good, then it’s okay to give up. 

    • Exactly Tessa. While we need to know when to give up, we can’t give up because the wind blew the wrong direction today. 

  • Great encouragement Joe. I made this one of my battle cries toward the end of last year. I sometimes easily give up if things get a little difficult. I am determined to give up on giving up. I am going to push forward by making any necessary adjustments or changes to make things happen. 

    • Thanks Bernard. Looking forward to what you have to offer as you push through and give up on giving up!

  • you’re title pretty much sums it up! Great post.

  • I echo what Carmen said, I have an amazing support system as well that won’t let me even think about giving up! I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them!

    •  Kimanzi, how did you go about finding/growing your support network?

    • It’s amazing what they can do for you, huh? I’m so glad you’ve found a network of people who are cheering you on.

  • I have to resist giving up at times. When I’m going through a challenging or hard season I have to tell myself, “this too shall pass” and try and think about the positive future if I stick with it (Whatever “it” is at the time). Insightful post Joe! 

    • I’m glad you haven’t given up Dan. You’re a well of inspiration and hope. Keep up the great work.

    • DS

      Dan I’m glad to hear you make it a point to think about the future.  It gets hard some times when we don’t see immediate results – but you have a vision, dreams, and aspirations.  You’re a role model and an example to countless people.

  • Having thrown in the towel more often than not and being discouraged and dissatisfied where it has left me. I am finally starting to push against the urge to give up and give in and start pressing in instead. However, my years of extensive towel tossing training are a formidable foe.

    • Thanks for being honest and open about your struggle David. It can be a huge struggle to break free of giving up after years of practice. Learn to take it out piece by piece.

      Find the small areas you can succeed at and build on those. Eventually you’ll see you can get where you want to be if only you don’t give up.

  • Great way to communicate this concept.  I think this is what I’ve done over the past 10 years of life.  I’ve given up on giving up.  Oh, there are still days when I “feel” like giving up, but I don;t let my emotions take over and I keep plugging.

    • Love hearing that Dan. We need more people who are willing to push through and not give up.

  • I tend to give up on things way to quickly.  What has helped me lately is seeing small or short term wins for what they are – encouragement to keep going.  I’m making really good progress on this in 2013!

    • Great strategy Tom. I love that you brought this up just after I listened to Andy Andrews latest podcast. He talked about setting the small goals to get you to the bigger ones. Keep up the work and you’ll see great results!