Get Rid Of The Worry

Our lives are filled with numerous choices. And every choice has multiple outcomes.

With all the possible outcomes, have you found yourself worrying? Wondering whether or not you’ve made the right choice or maximized the potential of the situation?

Worry has a funny way of doing that to us. Making us doubt our decisions and the direction we’re going.

I hope you’re ready to get rid of the worry, because that’s where we’re heading today.

Woman with a worried look on her face

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The Problem With Worry

Worry is a powerful emotion. It can quickly grab control of us and spin our lives out of control.

Worry is a destroyer of dreams. Worry is a destroyer of potential. Worry is a destroyer of life.

According to WebMD, worry even has a negative effect on your body.

Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow.
— Swedish Proverb

Worrying can:

Interfere with your appetite

Damage your relationships

Make you turn to alcohol, overeating, or drugs

And much more

As a leader, these actions can damage your leadership. Worry will bring you to a place that is hard to recover from.

But recover from or stop worry we must do.

Lets Get Rid Of Worry

We know what worry can do to us. It’s not pretty. And it’s not something we want in our lives.

So, are you ready to get rid of worry and live a more fulfilled life? Lets get started!

Write down your worries: Our minds love to play tricks on us. So much so the mind will even create worries that are out of this world.

One way to combat worry is to begin writing down the issues you see yourself facing. Make it plain as day and put it on paper.

Writing out our worries helps us see what is really troubling us. With the worries in front of us we can then begin tackling them or scratching them off because they’re so ridiculous.

Talk to your friends: Sometimes we like to keep our issues to ourselves. We don’t think others have gone through what we’re facing or we don’t want to admit what’s wrong.

This is a recipe for disaster! Keeping your worries to yourself means you have no one to help you fight alongside you.

Find a trusted friend or family member. Open up to them. Share what’s going on.

You’ll soon discover you’re not alone. You’ll also have someone who is on your side.

That’s a great asset to have when you’re dealing worry.

Find a way to get away: If you’re not one for connection with others, you may find it helpful to get away.

This might mean taking a trip to a remote destination, a week long trip to your cabin in the woods, or just a staycation in your home away from the worries of work.

Carve out some time for just you. Let yourself be alone.

You may come to find all you needed was a breather from the daily grind.

Worry affects much more than just your emotions. If you’re not able to control it, worry will destroy your mental health, your physical health, and your ability to lead effectively.

Use the techniques I listed above to get rid of the worry. Or check the comments section below to see what other readers are doing to get rid of worry. You may find something that will work wonders for you.

Question: What are you doing to rid yourself of the worry you face? Please share your tips in the comment section below. You may just help another reader out.

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  • I’ve heard it said that 99% of the negative things we worry about never actually happen. So, when I worry it’s almost a sign that things will be okay. – crazy, huh?

    • That’s an interesting way to look at things. Might be something to adapt.

  • I like the new look!

  • Snazzy new look, Joe!

    I love the quote about courage being the willingness to FACE fear than the ability to live without it. Worry is just fear hiding in reason. We reason through fears on our way to worry, legitimizing them and giving them power. I particularly like your advice to NAME the worry by writing it down. Sometimes that’s all it takes to spark the courage it takes to face your fears– I mean worries.

    Great post, Joe!

  • Great topic – worry can get the best of us. But worry is really pointless, as well.

    Worried about what you can’t control? Well, you can’t control it, so no point in worrying.

    Worried about what you can control? Do worry – do something about.

    So what’s left to worry about?

    ps. just to echo everyone else, love the new & super-clean look!

    • Thanks John! I’m super stoked at the great job Grayson Pope did in creating the logo and look of the site.

  • When we worry, we’re spending life in the future. It’s natural to be concerned and our mind naturally prompts us to look at some issues more seriously. But incessant worry is a symptom of something deeper that is going on. Whether it’s lack of confidence, a negative outlook on life, or depression, worry is the symptom of something else that needs our attention. I love your suggestions, and often we are able to dig deep enough on our own to dig out the real cause of our worry.

    Journaling is my favorite self-therapy.

    • Thanks LaRae. Jounaling is a great form of therapy and getting rid of the worry as well. I’ve used it plenty and need to get back into the habit.

  • I think there’s always a certain part of our lives where we worry too much of anything that would make us anxious. Sometimes, I do listen to loud music or talk to friends as a you suggested. I know it’s only temporary but it would help ease our worries for a while.

    • Anwell, sometimes temporary relief is all we need. Just enough to get our minds off of the subject of our worry.

  • Let’s Grow Leaders

    Sometimes a good nights sleep can help. I try not to get too worked up until I’ve given it some time to let perspective creep in.

    • Good one! Sleep can show us there’s still tomorrow and we’ve got another chance to make things right, if they went wrong or needed fixing.

  • I don’t worry too much anymore, but when I do, it’s about blogging. A year ago, I didn’t have a blog. Now I post twice a week, on a schedule!

    If I don’t have something scheduled, I tend to freak out a bit. I don’t know why…but having posts in the queue helps me relax. Last year, my only worries were “What book am I going to read when I’m done this one?” LOL

    • To help alleviate the worry about your blogging schedule, have you tried to create a queue of blog posts that will be ready even if didn’t write anything the day the post is to be published? Sometimes having 2-3 blog posts ready can be a great help.

      • Yes, I have a few on the go, a few already ready, but I like having a lot!!! I’m getting low at the moment, so I have to push myself. I think I have been slacking off a bit. *she says in shame* LOL Thanks for the tips, though! One of the reasons I have been slacking off is because I’ve been busy trying to land a guest post (a paid gig) on Carol Tice’s blog, Make A Living Writing. I’m still waiting on the final stamp of approval. *fingers crossed* 🙂