Fear Is Just A Message

Fear is an amazing emotion. Fear causes us to want to stand up and fight or to tuck our tails between our legs and run for the hills.

When you’ve felt fear in the past, you felt one of those two reactions boiling up within you.

In the end, fear is just a message.

Fear tells us we need to do something. Are you listening?

Growing up, I loved to watch horror movies. The movies that would scare the socks off of someone.

If a movie could send chills up my spine, I wanted to watch it.

One such series of movies was Nightmare On Elm Street with Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Krueger came back from the dead to hunt the children of the people who killed him. He had knives for fingers. He haunted the dreams of those children.

And he used the dreams to eventually kill them.

This dude was creepy. Freddy put fear into you. He was someone you didn’t want to meet, in a back alley or in your dreams.

Nightmare On Elm Street showed me just how powerful fear could be.

That is until I realized fear was just a message being sent. Fear was telling me something.

Fear told me I either needed to run from the scary monster or to stand up and face him.

Honestly, if I ever met Freddy Krueger, there’s a very good chance I would have run as fast as I could. Which at the time wouldn’t have been very fast.

Fear tells us we may be in danger and we have to react to the imminent threat. Failing to act, we could be in trouble.

Don’t let fear rule your life. Realize the purpose of fear.

Fear is a form of communication. Fear is just delivering a message.

Find out what message fear is giving. Examine the message. Decide what action to take.

Question: What message has fear delivered to you? How are you going to respond? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • Before this, I was afraid of the feeling of fear. Somehow, I decided that this year I’m going to change my perception of it.

    Fear can be crippling if we think it cripples us. What I found is when I fear things, the only way to run away from the feeling is to face it. I usually challenge myself to go halfway doing the things I fear. That way, whenever I find myself at the middle point, I can’t back out and run. The only thing to do is to face it.

    Another thing is to love fear and the challenge it brings. When fear comes I will always say “Bring it on!” It’s like a counter challenge to fear and the fear changed into excitement instead.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, Joe.

    • My pleasure Wan. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      I love your method on facing fear and getting to the half-way point. This would definitely help a lot of others push forward.

      When you’ve faced the fears, have you realized they’re not as bad as you anticipated?

      • Most of the time it is not that bad.

        But when it’s as bad as I anticipated, I find my back touching a wall and the only thing I can do is to move forward.

  • Fear has told me “I can’t.”

    I’ll respond with “I can”!

  • Fear has kept me from far too much in my life. At this point I’ve changed my mindset and made progress but it’s still something that’s always there. When I’m faced with fear I remind myself that life is far to short to hold back because of fear.

    • I’m so glad you’ve learned to change your mindset Kimanzi. It’s great seeing you helping so many people and living a life so many others could only dream of.

  • Thanks for sharing the video Amber, that’s completely okay! If it’s helpful, I don’t mind a link to another site or resource. And you’re spot on with the comment about being fearless isn’t to be without fear.

  • Andrea

    I love horror films too…it’s funny how we loved to be scared, but when it comes to life, it’s not such fun. My default setting when facing fear was to run away fast, but now I’ve learned to feel the fear and do it anyway. When I’ve done that it’s either turned out to be nowhere near as bad as I thought, or, more usually, actually rather fun. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and as a result I’ve had far more fun than if I’d carried on running away.

    • Andrea, thanks for sharing your experience with fear. Running away doesn’t do much good, huh? Another thing, when we decide to not run away but into the fear, we tend to get through the pain of the fear much more quickly.

  • Excellent post Joseph. I could not agree more, that fear is just a message, but it is a powerful one and a difficult one to neglect it. My point is that fear is just another state of mind (exactly as you suggest) but it needs a) preparation to cope with, b) a certain mind state cultivation, in order to know how to response to … and c) a different YOU-in-the-situation (i.e. a different storytelling about yourself and the certain situation). My point: you should transform fear to a creative-adrenaline bumping- more option producing pro-action (no reaction) system of doing[!] (I hope it makes sense!!!) rather than accepting what’s pouring down! Excellent points though and well written action points. Thank you for sharing.

  • MO Consulting

    Great post Joseph. A ‘positive’ point about fear is to recognize it’s temporary. I can move forward without regret.

  • Great post.
    I’ve never watched those movies-I don’t like to be scared (which is ironic since I’ve spent much of my life studying the criminal justice system)

    Anyway, a good tip I was given recently was to not parent from a position of fear. I can’t fear that my kid will go astray. Instead I have to follow God’s way and trust Him to guard my son.

    Fear can make us act in haste and miss out on God. This is something I’m starting to learn…waiting on God!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Always an honor to have you stop by.
    God bless,

  • One of my favorite quotes about fear comes from the movie After Earth:
    “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create… Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”

    It was a great line from a terrible movie, haha. It really summed up to me a fundamental truth which is that like you said fear is a reaction to something else, which means it’s only a message. So it’s important to focus on the danger or cause of the message and not be paralyzed by the message.

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