Fear Cannot Rule Your Life

We are inundated with stories that are meant to create fear in our lives.

From the nightly news telling us stories of all the evil happenings to the water cooler gossip about who did what, we know this earth can be a scary place.

A few months ago, my wife and I went to Frosty Oasis, a local ice cream parlor in Muskegon. Normally we will walk to get ice cream but this night we decided to drive over.

While in line, we saw multiple police cars fly down the road and turn just past where we were standing.

Come to find out, there was a shooting across the street. A young man had been shot.

Fear Creeps In

Reading online, I saw many people were now scared to let their children go to the skate park where the shooting occurred. These parents feared their children may be the next victim of a shooting.

Fear crept into the lives of those who lived in the neighborhood. Fear crept into the lives of those who used the park.

It’s normal for us to become fearful after a dangerous situation occurs. It’s a protection mechanism that is used to keep us safe.

So, it’s okay to let fear creep in.

It’s not okay to let fear rule your life.

Fight The Fear

As I read the comments of people being scared that their child may be shot or their home may be hit by gunfire, my mind began to process what was going on.

People are reacting to the incident with irrational fear. They cannot see past the current situation to see how safe everything had been at one point.

When I began to think through what had happened, I saw that this was an abnormal act.

The skate park had been there for over 15 years. There had been little trouble at the park. And now people were scared to let their families go there.

If you break down the statistics, you would see your chances of being harmed at the park is almost nil. Less than .01%.

This is how you fight the fear. You figure out the probabilities of something bad happening and you bring that fact to light.

What are you fearing in your organization? Is it:


Firing a bad employee?

Finding volunteers?

Getting customers?

Use the process I did to access the safety of the park. Go through and see how many times you’ve had to file bankruptcy (my guess is the number is less than 2). See how many times firing an employee went bad (the truth is that it’s probably best for your organization and for the employee being let go).

When yo look at things from a higher level, you begin to see fear isn’t the correct response. Confidence and assurance are more likely the correct attitude to have.

So, kick fear to the curb. Stop letting it rule your life.

There’s less to be afraid of than you think.

Question: How do you tell fear to get out of your life? Share your tactics in the comments section below. I’m sure it’ll help someone.

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  • This is such a hot topic, many cities (mine included) have been overwhelmed with crime that the media then sensationalises. As far as how I handle I review all exit strategies, know I can defend myself and others if needed and most of all trust that I will be protected until it is my time. When it is my time I have nothing to fear.

    • It’s so sad. Like you said, the media plays up the troubles while downplaying the good that is happening in these areas. What’s something good that’s happening in your area?

      • One thing that is beautiful is an organization I got involved in called God Belongs in My City. We focus on the youth in our area to find peaceful ways to share the gospel. We have a prayer walk on 8/15 Where hundreds will gather to pray over our city. http://www.unitedjacksonville.com we are breaking down the walls and building one church. How about in your area?

        • There are plenty of good things that are happening in Muskegon. We’re seeing a revitalization of our downtown area. We’ve seen new restaurants and businesses start. We’ve seen organizations begin. We even saw the start of our own soccer team!

  • soooo….this might be too spiritual but fear seems to be a healthy thing….dont fear him who can kill only the body but fear him who can kill the soul…or something like that 🙂 is fear ever a good thing?

    • David, for sure. There are times when fear is a good thing. We’re told to fear God in the Bible. That’s a righteous fear.

      The other fear, the fear that tells us we’re not good enough or that we’re going to fail (when it’s the truth) is the bad fear.

      What do you think?

  • Nicholas Page

    This is true Joe. I think more about my personal safety in town more than I have in the past currently. As many different parts of town that I travel for work. With more and more shootings happening for silly or pointless reasons. It makes me be constantly aware of my surroundings.

    • The thing I’ve noticed about the shootings is that it’s typically not the innocent who are being shot. The majority of the “victims” are people who are involved in criminal activities. My motto is: Keep your nose clean, stay safe.