A Few Of My Favorite Things

Do you ever wonder what your favorite bloggers enjoy? What hobbies, sports, toys, or books?

I wonder this often and thought I’d answer this question for you guys today.

So what are a few of my favorite things? Read on to find out.

Stormtropper with a happy tag

Image via JD Hancock

This is going to be an eclectic list, broken down by categories. So, here they are.

My Favorite Blogs

Michael Hyatt: Intentional Leadership – Michael is a top-notch leader and authority on platform building.

Brad Lonenick – He’s the head honcho of the Catalyst Leadership Conference. A man you should be following.

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn – There’s no one better when it comes to helping you build a passive income stream than Pat.

Art Of Non-Comformity – If you’re looking at non-conformity, this site is for you. Chris shares excellent insights into living a life less than normal.

Engaged Marriage – A great site about marriage and how you can improve your marriage.

My Favorite Podcasts

The EntreLeadership Podcast

Coach Radio with Justin Lukasavige

Blogging Your Passion Podcast

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

My Favorite Blogging Resources

Pretty Link – Allows you to make a short and sweet link using your domain name

Magic Action Box – Helps you create powerful call to actions and signup forms. I use it for the email subscription in the sidebar.

WordPress.org – The foundation my blog is built on. Is there anything better for building a blog than WordPress? I haven’t found anything that compares.

Wordle.net – A great tool that allows you to create “word clouds.” You will see me use this on my monthly recap blog posts.

Share-A-Holic – Makes sharing blog posts with social media much easier. This is used at the end of every blog post. They also have a You May Also Like feature that shows related posts a reader may be interested in.

MailChimp – This is the email service I use to send out my newest blog posts. It’s a great service and free for your first 2,000 subscribers.

Creative Commons Search – Here’s where I find free pictures to use on my blog. You’ll find a wealth of images that you can use for a variety of different things. Just be sure to read the licensing agreements.

My Favorite “Toys”

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Far and away the best phone I’ve ever owned. It’s running the Android operating system and does everything I need it to. The Galaxy S4 is fast, sleek, and ready when I need it to be.

Syma S107 Remote Controlled Helicopter – When it’s time to kick back and relax, I love flying this toy helicopter around the house. It’s cheap and easy to fly.

Epson XP-850 Wireless Printer – I recently picked this up for my home office and have fallen in love with it’s ease of use and print quality. To top it off, it also has scanning, copying, and fax capabilities.

Roku 3 Internet Media Streaming Player – While I have the Roku 2 XS, the 3 is the newest iteration of this great device. My Roku device is able to stream video and audio to my home entertainment center and allowed me to cut cable out of our lives.

Question: What are a few of your favorite things? Please share what tools you enjoy using or what’s entertaining you currently in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Since I am a writer, I like writing tools.

    Written? Kitten! is neat, and fun. See it here: http://writtenkitten.net/

    • When I heard Written Kitten, I had to swing over to the site to check it out. Interesting writing tool.

    • Had never heard of Writtenkitten – went over there and found it to be strangely addictive… and I don’t even really like kittens that much!! Thanks for sharing.

      • It’s fulfilling its purpose, then, isn’t it? LOL You get to see pictures of dogs, too. I think maybe I should have led with that, since most people on here are guys, and guys seem to like dogs better than cats. Do I sound stereotyped? I hope not!

        I’m glad you like it. I heard about this from another blogger – Linda Formichelli, to be exact. She’s a freelance writer, too. But she’s more famous than I am. LOL

  • Bill | LeadershipHeartCoaching

    I just bought a Google Chromecast last night. I doubt my family will see much of me this weekend – LOL

    • Have fun with it. I’ve heard great things about them.

  • Great list! I’d say Evernote is my most used iPhone app by far. I also have two awesome podcast on my list: Starve the Doubts w/ Jared Easley, and Parenting on Purpose with Dr. Bob Barnes.

    • Evernote is fantastic. I usually use it to clip quotes and things I want to easily search for. How do you use it?

      What’s Starve The Doubts about?

      • I use Evernote for almost everything. Quotes, journal, blog ideas, book ideas, shopping list, and so on….

        Starve the Doubts features interview with the likes of Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Chris LoCurto, John G. Miller, Chris Brogan, etc – as they talk about how to overcome resistance and doubt that face individuals trying to do great things. (full disclosure – I may have cohosted an interview or two)

    • I’ll have to check out the Starve the Doubts podcast. Thanks for the recommendation, Jon.

  • This is a great list Joe! Many of my favorite things are the list as well. As far as somethings I would add, I listen to Ray Edwards Podcast: http://rayedwards.com/083/

    • Thanks for recommending Ray. Looked at his site and it looks interesting. Adding him to my list!

      BTW, what’s one big takeaway you’ve gotten from him?

      • He has a great biblical worldview on success.

        • Looking through his site, it looks really good. Can’t wait to learn from him.

    • Ray Edwards is a great recommendation!

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to add this one to my listening list.

  • This Is Your Life podcast by Michael Hyatt

    Matt McWilliams blog

    Buffer and Evernote are two resources I use that help with my blogging.

    • Thanks for sharing Jon. Matt McWilliams is a great guy.

  • shayjordan

    I love this! I’d love to see your off time though. While I usually am working quite a bit during the week, I try to make sure to get in a football game or two on the weekends :).

    After reading this, I realized I read and use a lot of the same tools that you use but I need to focus more on building my business and less on building others. Thanks for this reminder to me tonight.

    • Shay, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite work tools.

      Outside of work, there is Geocaching (a kind of scavenger hunt), watching a movie or two, and quite a bit of other activities. With your suggestion, I may just do a post on the topic.

  • This is a fun list – great idea for a post 😉 Turns out we have a lot of common fav’s… must be why I enjoy ready your blog!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the list Rich. It was fun putting it together and seeing how others responded to it. What are some of your favorite things?

      • You’ve listed some of them – but others would be; Evernote for collecting and storing ideas, “Writer” for writing (funny enough), and compfight.com is great for images for blogs etc.

        • Compfight looks interesting. Are the images there free to use?

          • It’s a flickr search engine – so not all of the images can be used but many of them are available under creative commons licensing – I use it a lot – it’s great!

            • Cool. I’ll have to see what I can use it for then.