Episode 003: Finding Your Quarter Life Calling With Paul Sohn

Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of The Answers From Leadership Podcast. Today’s guest is Paul Sohn.

Paul is a leadership consultant, blogger, speaker, and author. He Has spent most of his career building leaders worth following and creating good-to-great organizations. He has worked for both a Fortune 50 company and a Top 100 Great Place to Work Company.

Now, he works for a global leadership consultancy GiANT Worldwide as a leadership transformation consultant. They own and operate the global brands and events, Catalyst and Leadercast. They have offices in London, Atlanta, and Oklahoma City, and now expanding in Asia.

**UPDATE** Paul is now the founder of QARA. QARA exists to equip, inspire, and empower twenty-somethings to discover their True North.

Paul Sohn shares why finding your calling is a must

Show Notes:

Who is Paul Sohn?

Paul is an author, blogger, speaker. Leadership coach. His heart and vision is to raise us the next generation of Godly leaders in the 7 spheres of influence.

He loves to connect with people. He’s an ENFJ at heart. Loves to travel. And having great meals and conversations.

What is an ENFJ?

An ENFJ is a personality type from the Myers-Briggs personality test.

His personality type is Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeler, and Judger.

What’s the big deal with calling?

Finding your calling leads you to your God-given purpose.

Not knowing your calling leaves you restless.

How can someone discover their calling?

You discover your calling by looking at your sweet spot.

What effective habits should a leader learn?

Practice a stop-doing list.

What leadership lesson do you wish you knew 10 years ago?

Be interested before being interesting.

Parting advice for young leaders:

Know that there’s a purpose behind what you’re going through.

You were created to be a masterpiece by the Creator.

Once you know that you are called to someone, being called to something makes a lot more sense.

Resources Mentioned:

Book – Good To Great

Book – Quarter-Life Calling: How to Find Your Sweet Spot in Your Twenties – This is Paul’s new book that launches January 18th. A must-have for leaders.

Additional Show Note:

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Question: Do you know what your calling is? If so, what is it? If not, what’s holding you back?

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  • I started following your blog and Paul Sohn’s blog about the same time. Of course I had no idea you knew each other. I’m not surprised. I read Paul’s book and will be ordering it on January 18th for my grandson who is in the Marines. I pray he reads it and that it instills in him the desire to follow after God. I’ve talked to Paul on the phone. I’ve prayed for him when he asks. He is genuine, the authentic leader. I highly recommend his blog, his book, and his services to everyone at any age.

    • Haha, yeah Paul and I are fairly good friends. We’ve connected in person a few times at the Catalyst conference in Atlanta the last few years. Amazing young man who’s doing things.

  • Pete Primeau

    Good job Paul & Joseph!

    • Thanks Pete! What’d you like best? Anything that could use improvement?

  • Excellent podcast.

    • Thanks Bernard! Any suggestions for improvement as I’m just starting out?

  • So honored to be featured at your new leadership podcast Joe. Praying that God will use your voice big time in 2016.

    • Thrilled to have you on Paul! Thanks for taking the time to chat.

  • Cool! When does the podcast go live on iTunes?

    • I’m hoping sometime today. I had to change the name of the podcast rather last minute and didn’t have artwork lined up. Got the artwork and submitted to iTunes yesterday afternoon.

      • I subscribed this morning, and I listed to the first couple episodes. Great job! You do a fantastic job asking the right questions, and you inspired me to ask better questions.

        • Thanks Jon! I would love to hear any feedback you have about the show going forward (I know Episode 2 was a bit rough due to a recording issue).

          • Will do. Also, I’d love to be one of your guests some time.

    • Jon, good news! The podcast went live on iTunes yesterday. You can find a direct link to the podcast at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/answers-from-leadership-podcast/id1074393641

  • Joe, great post! I’m excited to spread the news about Paul’s vision – and yours – for Millennials to step up to their calling. I’m going to do a blog post and feature your post on January 18, when Paul’s book launches. Thanks for allowing me to point my readers to your website and blog. They will be blessed!

    • Thanks Lynn! I hope this interview helped you and will help your audience.

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