Creating the Life You Always Wanted

After 13 years of military service I am very accustomed to “making it happen”.  Often my superiors would communicate their vision and empower me to “make it happen”.

As part of the process I would backwards plan based upon the deadline I was given.  I created milestones, functional tasks, assembled the team, and acquired the necessary resources.

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As I have continued my education, personal and professional development, and matured I realized I was missing something.  I was very much able to create any outcome (within reason) my employer desired.  However, I had not applied those same principles and created the life I wanted to live.

Creating the life we want to live is no different than creating the business you dreamed of or developing the vision of your employer.  Here are four tips to creating the life you always dreamed of.

1. Self-Awareness.  You must become aware of our learned self-conscious beliefs, challenge them, and consciously disassociate ourselves with the false and self-limiting beliefs from our past.

2. Self-Regulation.  Once you are aware of our true beliefs you have to consciously replace the old beliefs with the news ones.

3. Filters.  Reality is what it is. In other words, reality is neutral.  We filter reality and apply negative or positive spin based upon the filters created by our learned beliefs.  As we replace the negative self-limiting beliefs our filters will adjust.  We will begin to see reality in light of our new healthy beliefs.

4. Make it happen.  The final and perhaps most important step is creating a Life Visions Statement.  It acts as a sort of business plan for your life.  It details (very granularly) want you want out of life.  In other words it details the milestones, tasks, and resources used to create the life we always dreamed of.

A life vision is a detailed plan for your life. It will serve as a road map that guides you towards achieving your impossible vision and becoming extraordinary. To create one, start by writing down areas that are important to you such as health, family, career, finances.  Next, write some very broad goals within each of those areas.  For example, under career you could list “get promoted” or under finance “save more money.” The next step is to become even more specific. Write out exactly what getting promoted means to you or what saving more money means.

Don’t you wish you were living the life of your dreams?  The fact is you can!   If you have any questions about creating the life of your dreams I am happy to answer them.  Just leave a comment below or email me at

This is a guest post by TJ Trent. TJ is a life transformation expert with 13 years’ experience leading and mentoring soldiers in the US. Army and over two years coaching private clients. He has helped a multitude of individuals and organizations discover their dreams and go on to accomplish amazing things. TJ compassionately guides his clients toward increased self-awareness, realizing their potential, and living an extraordinary life.

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  • coachTJTrent


    Thank you for sharing your audience with me. It is always a unique privilege and a very high honor to speak to your followers.

    -TJ Trent (

  • rcsinclair952

    TJ, a life vision is so important. I have found mapping out your life makes it easier to get to where you want to go. Thanks for the insight.

    • coachTJTrent


      Thanks for commenting! Creating our extraordinary life is much easier when we have a map.

  • Great points T.J. – It is so important to keep our filters clean. The simple choice to severely limit and even eliminate negative media (news, talk radio) my personal outlook has improved. If we feed on the negative that is what we will produce. — Glad I chose to feed more on the positive.

    • coachTJTrent


      Thanks for commenting. They used to say “you are what you eat”. I would change that and say “you are what you think.”

  • As great as a “life Vision” or Life Plan is, it’s nothing without the daily action required to work it out. Perhaps that would be a theme for another post: How to wrestle thru the many distractions and get pushing with the discipline to follow the plan: to actually walk it out.

    I wrote a Life Plan a couple of years ago…it lasted about 4 mths before life got in the way. Understandably, I’m feeling lost: alive but not really living.

    • Bummer Dan. I can feel you there. When we create a plan, we’ve got to follow through with it. Thanks for the inspiration for a new blog post!