Christmas 2012 Emerging Leaders Gift Guide

The 2012 holiday shopping season is upon us. With the craziness of Black Friday and Christmas being less than a month away, I wanted to share with you some gift ideas for leaders.

Christmas 2012 Emerging Leaders Gift Guide

Image via Mary DeMuth

Christmas 2012 Emerging Leaders Gift Guide

Leaders can be a hard lot to shop for. They’re willing to go out and spend the money to invest in themselves. They’re also willing to lay down the cash when they see something they like.

Regardless of the type of leader you are or follow, there are myriad of gift options in a wide range of prices.

Here are my top gift choices for various types of leaders.

Leaders Who Love Reading

15 invaluable laws of growth

John C. Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth: Live Them And Reach Your Potential – This is John’s newest book and it veers from his normal writing topic of Leadership. Instead it focuses on the value of personal growth. Great for any leader looking to reach his or her full potential.

QBQ! by John MillerJohn G. Miller’s QBQ! The Question Behind The Question: Practicing Personal Accountability At Work And In Life – In John Miller’s book, QBQ, he discusses personal responsibility and why it’s valuable in your life as a leader.

wrecked by Jeff GoinsJeff Goin’s Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life – Jeff shares his experience of helping others and returning to his normal life. Only to be left empty and feeling wrecked. I’ve often felt this way as a leader and related with Jeff’s story. I think other readers will as well.

Coach WoodenPat Williams’ Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life And Will Change Yours – The life of Coach John Wooden is explored in this book. Pat shares his story of meeting with coach as he learns the principles that shaped Coach Wooden’s life. This book contains valuable life lessons every leader needs to hear.

How To Win Friends And Influence PeopleDale Carnegie’s classic How To Win Friends And Influence People – If a leader reads nothing else, it needs to be this book. Years after Dale’s death, this book still contains the knowledge and wisdom to win friends and influence people. And that’s what leadership is all about, influencing others.

Leaders Who Love The Outdoors

trail gloveMerrell Trail Glove Running Shoes – These have been my favorite running shoes. The Merrell Trail Gloves are a minimalist running shoe so it’s similar to running barefoot. If you’ve got a leader who loves to run on trails, these could be a great gift idea for him. Buying your favorite leader a pair of the Merrell Trail Gloves will encourage him to get or stay fit.

Buff UV HeadwearBuff UV Headwear – My Buff has been my go-to cold weather headwear for the past couple of years. You’re able to wear it in over 14 different configurations to keep out the cold or survive in the heat. I’ve found it perfect for early morning runs in Michigan winters. Keep your leader healthy and warm in the winter!

GoPro HD Hero2GoPro HD Hero2: Outdoor Edition – GoPro outdoor camcorders are terrific. They take a beating and keep on ticking. Whether you want to record hiking a trail or more thrilling adventures like skydiving, the GoPro will meet your adventurous leaders demands. And the best part is he’ll be able to relive those thrilling moments over and over again with the video he captures on his GoPro camcorder.

Leaders Who Are Growing An Audience Online

Standard Theme ImageStandard Theme by 8Bit – This is the WordPress theme I use on I highly recommend it and feel you can’t go wrong with it. You can customize it to your hearts content. It’s easy to use. And ready for you to share your thoughts on leadership. If you’re a content creator, this is the theme for you. Use coupon code BF2012 to get 30% off on 11/26/2012.

PremiseCopyblogger’s Premise For WordPress – Premise helps you create beautiful membership and sales pages. Leaders who are looking to sell their product will be pleased with this add-on for WordPress. As you’re building your platform, Premise will give the tools a leader needs to create great pages and great content.

BlueHostBlueHost Web Hosting – A great gift to any emerging leader would be a year’s worth of domain hosting. This allows them to have their own space on the internet to share their thoughts and ideas or to get their products out. BlueHost is the company I use for my hosting and I’ve loved them so far. They’re the ones I recommend now when someone asks me who they should host their website or blog with.

Gifts For Any Kind Of Leader

Moleskine notebookMoleskine Notepads – Every leader needs a way to keep track of his thoughts and to record vital pieces of conversation. Nothing is better than a Moleskine notepad. They’re durable, flexible, and great to write in.

Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space PenFisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen – This is a vital piece of equipment I carry with me at all times. The Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen was a gift from my wife last year and, I must say, I love it. It’s got enough heft to feel valuable. The writing is smooth as can be. It’s always ready to write. And it looks stunning. Treat your leader to a beautiful writing piece. He’ll thank you forever.

Peanut M&MsPeanut M&M’s – Discover your leader’s favorite treat. Mine has to be peanut M&M candies. It’s cheap and easy to get. You can’t go wrong fulfilling their sweet tooth.


Buckyballs – A great gift to get the creative juices going would have to be a set of Buckyballs. They allow you to craft an untold number of shapes from sphere magnets. Anyone who receives this as a gift will be enthralled and sucked into an endless world of new creations. Sadly, they won’t be around much longer but you can still pick them up from their manufacturer’s website until they run out.

Syma s107Syma S107 Radio Controlled Helicopter – Every leader needs to let go and have a little fun sometimes. I’ve found a great release in flying these miniature radio controlled helicopters. They’re easy to control and provide hours of entertainment. Small enough to fly around the office yet powerful enough to fly in a larger area, the Syma S107s are a great distraction.

Classic Briefcase from Saddleback LeatherClassic Briefcase from Saddleback Leather Company – Every leader needs a great bag to carry his gear. Whether it be his laptop, iPad, journal, or other item he carries, you can’t go wrong with this rugged, manly classic briefcase.

Dry Erase WhiteboardDry Erase Whiteboard – What leader wouldn’t love a whiteboard to write down his thoughts and ideas during a brainstorming session? With a whiteboard, you’re able to write out and plan your speaking or blogging schedule, create a mindmap of your next book, or doodle until your next idea comes to you. This is a must have for any leader in my opinion.

Starbucks Gift CardsStarbucks Gift Card – Give your leader a chance to get away and enjoy a refreshing beverage. While I’m not a coffee drinker, I do enjoy some of Starbucks other drinks. It’s also nice to have if you’re going to be meeting a client. Your part of the meeting is taken care of and you’re free to discuss business.

Question: What gift would you like to receive for Christmas? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Oh, I want the Saddleback Leather briefcase.  Great list of ideas, Joe.  I was at Jeff Goins’ site and noticed you’re upgrading your theme for Christmas.  I’ll look forward to seeing that.

    • You and me both. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Saddleback bags. And you can’t beat their lifetime warranty.

  • Great ideas! Sharing on Twitter and Pinterest.

    • Thanks Tammy! Anything else you would add to the list?

  • Great gift ideas Joe. I want a Ferrari for Christmas but since I probably won’t get one I’ll survive with a few leadership books. 

    • Ha Ha, me too Dan!! Loving the Maxwell book that Joe mentions above. I also love M&M’s 🙂

      • M&Ms are addicting. What’s your favorite? Anything else you’d add to the list?

      • It’s a great book. I finished reading it last week. Have you tried the pretzel M&M’s all I can say is Glory!!!

    • Don’t we all Dan? Or a Lamborghini… 

      What leadership books are you looking forward to receiving?

      •  Either words:)

        I still have to go through my list and figure that one out. A book on my wish list is,  Go!: Starting a Personal Growth Revolution by Stephen Blandino. I found out it’s free for the Kindle edition today, here is the link

        • Wow! Thanks for sharing about Go! I picked up a copy for my Kindle. Should go along great with John Maxwell’s new book.

          • Your welcome. I have a Kindle app on my phone which I got a copy for that and I also got it on my wife’s Kindle Fire for when I borrow it from her. I started to read the intro tonight and really liked what I was reading.

    • I’d take my first car back – a 74 Chevy Nova (midnight blue with a white hard top).

  • paulawhidden

    Thank you for the ideas Joe.  Love, love, love Dale Carnegie’s stuff. It just never gets old. Have you used Premise?  I’ve been debating about it. Let me know your experience.

    • Paula, you’re dead on about Dale’s material. I read through his book twice this year and hoping to hit it at least once in 2013.

      I’ve yet to dig into Premise but will be very soon. My friend and I purchased it for some projects we’re going to be doing and we’re very excited to play around with Premise. I’ll let you know once we’ve played around with it a bit.

  • My wife and daughter are starting to refer to me as a book horder.  Honestly, I’d love a copy of Entreleadership and a copy of Platform.  These would make great additions to my “to-read” pile.

    • That’s not necessarily a bad thing. At least you’re reading. So many people are not and we’re seeing the affects of it in our society. Both, Platform and EntreLeadership, are excellent books.

  • Ha ha, I love the variety you have here!

    • What can I say? I love variety and I feel emerging leaders are in the same boat.

      Anything else you would add to the list?

  • Wow great list Joe. Such incredible variety.  I’d add “small getaway/retreat/overnight-er” Leaders love to get away and get refreshed.

    •  AMEN!

    • That’s a great suggestion Ngina. Leaders have so much on their plate a nice getaway can be a life changer for them.

  • DS

    I’d add:
    Great Leaders Grow, Mark Miller
    Better Than Good, Zig Ziglar
    subscription to Success Magazine, Darren Hardy

    • Anything by Zig would definately make the list. Haven’t read Great Leaders Grow but have heard great things about it. What’d you like best about the book?

      Success Magazine is amazing. I’ve been a proud subscriber for over three years and have loved every issue.

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