Bring Encouragement To You

Are you like me and struggle with staying positive throughout the day? You may lack the motivation or drive to get through.

Discouragement seems to peek it’s dirty head around the door and leer at you. Telling you you’re not good enough.

Lets stop discouragement from influencing us today. Instead, bring encouragement to you.

There’s a couple tricks I’m discovering. They’re helping me battle discouragement and to become encouraged throughout my day.

So much so, I’d like to share with you what I’m doing to find encouragement throughout my day. I think it’ll help you so please read on.

Have a motivational Flip Book on your desk: Years ago I received an inspirational flip book from my in-laws. It’s sat on my office desk since we’ve moved into our home and set up the home office.

On days I’m feeling down, I’m able to pull it forward, flip through a couple of pages, and become encouraged.

When you add the building, nesting, feeding, and teaching time, eagles spend most of their lives investing in the next generation
Excerpt from Man of God flip book

Look into getting one of these flip books/perpetual calendars. They can brighten your day and give you the encouragement to make it through.

Call a friend: Texting is the hot thing these days. We’re able to shoot off a quick message and get it to the recipient faster than ever.

There’s only one problem. Texting destroys the personal touch a phone call has. You get to see the words but you don’t get to hear the words. Hear the voice inflection. Hear the emotion.

Take time to pause and take things a little slower. Pick up the phone. Only this time, don’t send a text. Dial the number of a friend and press the TALK button.

You’ll be amazed at the feelings hearing a human voice can bring. Let that be an encouragement to you.

Get moving: By now, you know I’m a huge fan of exercise and movement. There’s a reason behind this. When we move and are physically active, our body responds.

The body is designed to be active and moving. Scientific research shows that the sedentary lifestyle drains our energy and may even be killing us.

So get up and get moving. Let your blood start pumping. And boost your mood

Place sticky notes in strategic locations: Let yourself become the encouragement! Write your favorite encouragement quotes on a sticky note and place them where you’re likely to see them.

As you pass by the sticky notes, stop and read the note you left for yourself. Let it be a reminder there’s encouragement everywhere.

Partake in a hobby: Sometimes we’re so consumed with our work that we forget we’ve got other interests. Don’t neglect them.

Find a hobby and take time toe enjoy what you love. Go fly a stunt kite, race RC cars, listen to music, or paint a picture.

Get lost in a hobby and watch your encouragement level rise.

You don’t have to live a discouraged life. You can live a life full of encouragement and enjoyment.

Create ways to easily bring the encouragement to you. It’s easier than you think.

Question: How do you bring encouragement to you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Get moving is right on. It really doesn’t even matter what kind of exercise you are engaged in. If nothing else take a walk.

    I also use the indirect approach by bringing encouragement to others: A handwritten note on a post it saying thanks for a job well done for instance. Such small actions creates a positive environment were it is harder to be discouraged.

    • Soren, encouraging others is a terrific way to encourage yourself along the way as well. There’s something about helping others that can bring a smile to our faces.

  • rcsinclair952

    Ugh. Exercise. If you are going to put dirty words in this blog…. lol. (I do it. But I just don’t like it.)

    But seriously, when I am depressed, I fake it. Putting on a smile, (even a fake one), changes the way others react to me, this pulling me out of the gray funk.

    • I know Bob. Sometimes the things that will encourage us aren’t the things we like to do best. However, these activities can increase our happiness and fulfillment.

      Your suggestion for faking works as well. If we fake it enough, a lot of times we’ll actually begin to feel the way we’re acting.

  • Hebrews 10:24,25 talks about the importance of hanging out with other people on a regular basis who will spur you on toward love and good deeds. Going to church, being part of a small group, and having a couple of close friends are three keys to being encouraged.

    • Excellent idea Jon. Surrounding ourselves with others can be a huge encouragement.

    • Steve Pate

      great point Jon!!! People matter in making a great day!

  • Steve Pate

    The top two for me is music and moving around/walk around instead of driving. The other factor is saying positive thoughts to my self too. But great music and a great walk helps me create positive momentum.

    Great blog Joseph, its great to see another fellow Michigander here. I’m originally from Holland, but my step Dad is from Muskegon. enjoy the snow!

    • Music can definitely encourage us. There’s more than a handful of bands I can tune into and find a bit of encouragement. Who’s a couple of artists you listen to to boost your mood?

      Oh wow, small world. Would have been awesome to have met you when you were in Holland. And crazier still that your step dad is from Muskegon.

      • Steve Pate

        Man it depends, Red, Disciple,Jesus Culture, Hillsong, jazz, and even some Beastie Boys just to spice it up a bit.

        As for Holland! sweet! I grew up in Lake Township, and went to Hamilton for school.

        And great comments you make on @mattmcwilliams blog!

  • Strategic sticky notes always work for me.

    Also, I think “serving” is huge. We often look to others and only see what we don’t have. But when we serve others and realize exactly how blessed we are, it helps us maintain perspective.

    Last, simply cutting negative people out of my life has paid huge dividends. Once I realized that it’s not my job to please everyone, things took a turn for the better!

    Happy Thanksgiving Joe! Be blessed my friend.

    • Serving is a big way we can bring ourselves encouragement. Sometime clicks when we take time out of our day to help someone else.

  • Nourishing and motivating our self is so essential. It’s funny that whenever I need an inspiring or encouraging word, I make it a point to call a close friend or fellow blogger. I find in talking with them, I’m encouraged and motivated. I also make it a point to grow and learn, the books and audio I consume is a great source of encouragement. Wonderful post, Joe!

    • Awesome Dan. Our relationships can help us become encouraged when we’re down. Glad you’ve found a way to pick yourself up.

  • Ron Mercer

    Well done, Joseph! Thank you!

    • Thanks Ron. I hope you have an encouraged day!

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