Book Review: Spark by Jason Jaggard

Jason Jaggard made a big promise on the cover of his new book Spark. That promise was “Transform your world, one small risk at a time.”Spark

I looked at that statement and gave it a puzzled look. “How can you change the world with one small risk at a time?”

Turns out it’s much like the way you can change your life with one small step at a time.

If you’re consistently taking small risks, they add up to big results. And Jason gives examples he’s seen in his own life and in those that have been in “spark groups.”

A spark group is a group of individuals that get together to challenge and encourage each other to take small risks and build to big risks.

It’s effective. It’s encouraging. It’s available to you.

During a Spark group in Whittier, California, one person discovered that a restaurant in uptown Whittier was struggling to make it. One person with little to no money can’t save a restaurant. But fifteen people could make a bigger impact. So for a few weeks, the group had dinner at the struggling restaurant on its slowest night to help with sales, and then they spread the word about the great food and quality service.

Years later, the restaurant is still in business and everyone from that initial Spark Group gets a fifteen-percent discount. Not bad
-excerpt from Spark

Jason’s writing style made me want to read the book. The stories he shared made me want to continue reading.

I’d sit down with the book and before I knew it I’d be 50 to 60 pages into it. This continued throughout the whole book.

The examples Jason gave were plentiful. He shares:

  • the story of how one small risk during a speech changed his life
  • how a for Meals On Wheels snowballed into a movement of friends
  • the horrible, yet awesome, failure of Jordan

Every story pulls out the truth that one small risk can change your life. And eventually the world. You just have to take that first step.

There’s also lots of practical information in Spark.

By the end of the book you’ll have the knowledge to start your own Spark Group, sense what risks you should be taking, and why you should break out of routines.

The best thing I got from the book?

Spark has sparked a desire in me for even more fellowship with those that want to change the world. With each turn of the page my mind raced with thoughts on how to take action and form my own group. It will be my handbook as I step forward in an attempt to create something special.

I feel Spark can do the same thing for you.

If you’ve been desiring to see change in your world, this book is for you. If you’re longing for a way to get together with great people, this book is for you. If you’re unmotivated and want to get motivated, you NEED this book!

Does this book sound interesting? Purchase Spark at Amazon by clicking HERE (affiliate link).

Question: What risk could you take that would begin to change the world? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  • Sounds like a neat book.

    • It was a great book. Lots of great content and ideas to get you going.

  • As far as risks, I have to think about that. I’m pretty tired of the ordinary. A lot of litle extraordinary risks would be cool.

    • I’m hoping to do the same thing Larry. Start taking little extraordinary risks. What’s one thing you could do today that would be a risk?

  • Sounds like a great book Joe. It’s the same principle as changing one’s life – one small step at a time. It’s something that’s working for me personally and i see how that translates to a bigger group. Great review.

    • Exactly Ngina. That same thought came to mind during the reading of the book. Are you taking any small risks at this point in your life?

  • Thanks for the review Joe. Sounds like a good book.

    • It is Kimanzi. Very inspiring and, if you let it, life changing.

      I’d ask you what small risks you’re taking but you’ve already moved onto the huge risks.

  • Thanks Joe! Sounds like it fits right in my line of thoughts. I’ll add it to my list. There just isn’t enough time in the day to read all I want to read! 😀

    • Jared,

      Loren wrote a few posts lately about finding time to read and developing a reading strategy that I think you would enjoy. Here is the link to his site,

    • I know the feeling Jared. There’s so many great books that have already been released and that are coming out it’s hard to keep up.

  • This sounds like a great book, It’s going on my book list. I agree small risks over time can change the world.

    • Hope you enjoy it Dan. It’s a great manual for sparking change in your life.

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