My Biggest Struggle (And Probably Yours Too)

Being in a leadership position brings a whole slew of new problems. And one of those adds to my biggest struggle.

Truth be told, my struggle probably isn’t much different than yours. Especially if you’re a believer.

We all struggle

My Struggle

Do you want to know what I am constantly battling? Too bad, I’m going to tell you anyways.

I’m in a constant struggle with myself.

That’s right, I fight and struggle and rage against me, myself, and I.

Every day my Self rises within me. It tells me that I deserve more. My Self tells me that I am better than I am. It

And I have to constantly do battle with this inner feeling of entitlement.

That’s my struggle.

I feel like I’m entitled to things that I’m not.

How I Fight Back

It’d be easy to give in and say “OK, I really do deserve everything I think I do. I’m good and that’s that.” But it’s not.

That’s not how life works.

We’re not entitled to anything except death.

I’m okay with that most days. Then Self rises up and tells me that I deserve more.

That’s when I know I have to fight back against entitlement.

Here’s how I fight back:

Remind myself of what I truly deserve: For this, I have to go back to the source. That’s the Bible.

In it, we see who we truly are. Sinful men and women who, while loved by God, deserve nothing more than death apart from Him.

Serve others: Nothing puts me in my place like when I’m serving others.

Whether that’s feeding the poor, leading students, or helping others realize their potential (remember, potential is not entitlement), these things help me remember that there are ways to put others before my needs.

Giving: Much like serving, giving redirects my mindset to that of others. It tells me that my needs are met and I don’t truly need more, even if that’s what I want.

Instead, I can take the focus off of me and help someone else who is in need.

What about you? Do you find yourself struggling with the same thing as I do?

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  • Yep pride does rise up pretty often and proclaim I deserved / earned that, why not me? However at times I am on the other end dealing with self doubt. Prayer and the Bible help me deal with both and also making sure I am always reading, always learning.

    • Yeah, I totally understand about the flip side and self doubt. I don’t think there’s an easy answer to either. And we can deal with both of them at the same time.

  • The daily struggle for me is the inner fight of trying to become a better leader, by reading books, blogs (such as yours), etc. The challenge becomes information overload, in that I learn about many ways to do things, but I need to focus on the actual application of leadership skills and techniques that will benefit the people I serve.

    • Yeah, information overload is a challenge. I know I’ve had to cut back on my intake. Have you done anything to help curb the overload on your end?

      • I use Feedly to collect the various blogs that I like to read. I used to check Feedly several times per day, but now I’ve cut it down to a couple times per day. Every few months I look at the blogs I’m subscribed to, and see if I actually read any of the posts, or just the headlines.

        I still occasionally struggle with the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but I find that overconsumption of anything doesn’t benefit me well.

        A suggestion that came to me typing this, is to ask why am I subscribed to a particular blog. If it doesn’t fit in where I am in life, then unsubscribe.