How To Avoid Sexual Temptation At The Office

As a married man, I am committed to remaining faithful to my wife. That means I have to constantly evaluate my thoughts.

Even in the workplace. I need to judge what my thoughts are and where my eyes are going.

Beware of adultery at the office

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen many of my friends fall to sexual temptation. They allowed themselves to become entangled in affairs.

Their actions caused the end of their marriages. Their families were ripped apart. And their relationships with their children have become strained.

It’s so sad to see people you love have their lives drastically changed because of a decision they’ve made.

These situations are also why I try to guard myself against the temptation to commit adultery.

I hope you’re committed to your marriage and your family as well. If you’re struggling to stay faithful to your spouse, I suggest you try the following actions:

Talk positively about your spouse at the office:

Let’s be honest. There are women (and men) who are prowling for an opening into the lives of married men and women.

For some reason, they see it as a challenge to break up a marriage. And once they see an opening, they’ll pounce.

Because of this, we need to make sure we’re talking positively about our spouse. Don’t give someone the opportunity to move in where they don’t belong.

Take caution in meeting privately with the opposite sex:

This is a widely debated thought. Yet I agree with what many call the Billy Graham rule, or the Modesto Manifesto.

Billy Graham believed it was wise to never meet with a female alone. Whether that was at lunch, in the office, or traveling.

In doing so, he could avoid temptation and the appearance of any unseemly behavior.

Is this a wise thing? I believe so.

We’re flawed creatures. We’re drawn to beautiful things. And we’re easily tempted.

Putting the Billy Graham rule into place can help alleviate some of the scandalous situations other leaders have found themselves in.

Of course, you’ve got to evaluate how you want to implement this strategy in your leadership.

Are there exceptions to the Billy Graham rule? Are there times when it is okay to meet with the opposite sex? What, how, and why?

You decide and put those boundaries into place.

Watch your flirtatious talk (and actions):

I’ve seen a lot of flirtatious talk tossed around the office, on the shop floor, and even on the sales floor. It’s easy to let a few flowery words flit from your mouth.

But being flirtatious can open up a can of worms.

Your flirty words and actions will garner the attention of the person you’re directing them towards.

Once you’ve said a provocative word or two, they become easier to say the next time. Then the next. Until you’re face to face with the choice to commit adultery.

Be aware of the words you’re speaking. There’s power in those words.

I don’t want to scare you with this post. I want to bring attention to the danger of sexual temptation.

Going down that road is dangerous. To you. To your family. And even to your career.

Put up safe guards to prevent you from walking into the death trap that is adultery.

Question: How are you guarding yourself against sexual temptation in the workplace? Share your tips in the comment so we can help each other.

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  • Jeffrey P. Rush

    Many thanks for this. I would ask something re: the Modesto Manifesto. With more women in the workplace, e.g., in criminal justice; it’s increasingly difficult to live by this rule.

    Any thoughts?

    You given up on movies?

    • Jeff, you’re correct. The Modesto Manifesto has become increasingly difficult to live by. I think one thing those wanting to follow this guideline would be to seek an office with windows. This way, anyone walking by can see what is going on in the office. Does that make sense?

      No, I haven’t given up on movies. Missed the release of the new Lego Batman due to ice climbing and the previous weeks did not have any releases that interested me. March should see Logan, Kong, Power Rangers, and Ghost In The Shell.

      • Jeffrey P. Rush

        I’m wondering if it’s time to rethink Modesto?

  • Brad M

    Maybe because I have other things to fill my head, but it doesn’t really worry me. One of the “weapons” I have is saying to myself “hey, you know you dont have to bow to this temptation – you can say `no`”. Seems to work. Also I HATE being touched by anyone – seriously a friendly pat on the shoulder, that European “kissy-kissy” thing – brrrrr! – anything north of a formal handshake I think “WAY tooooo close”

    • I love what you say to yourself to help you avoid sexual temptation Brad. Reminding yourself, or ourselves, that we’re better than that can help.

      • Brad M

        Actually its not that noble – I am simply swapping sexual temptation for pride – pretty awful huh?

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