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One of the biggest decisions a new, or even old, leader will make is who to hire and bring onto their team.

Few people understand how important hiring the right person is. They lack the insight to realize bringing the wrong person onto the team can damage the culture of the organization.

But don’t fear faithful reader, there’s something you can do when it’s time to bring someone new onto your team. It’s not easy and it’s going to take work but it’s well worth it.

So, what can you do to make a wise decision in the hiring process? I believe heeding the follow advice will help you in this leadership task.

Look for passion: Steve Jobs had it right when it came to hiring. He said in a Fortune interview that competence is the ante but the real issue was “Are they going to fall in love with Apple? Because if they fall in love with Apple, everything else will take care of itself.”

Leadership is heavy. The choices leaders make and the actions they have to take are not easy.

For this, leaders need grace.

Showing people the way and helping them reach their potential isn’t easy. It can be maddening at times.

Let’s a took a look at the areas leaders need grace in.

1. Decisions: You knew this was going to be on the list so I got it out of the way right away.

Leaders are tasked with making decisions, many of those decisions are hard. And all decisions have consequences.

Please give us grace when we have to make a tough decision. It’s not easy and weights heavily on us.

2. Action: A leader has to be ready to take action. Whether this is moving forward a church or business in a new direction or letting go of an employee, leaders must move forward.

No one is perfect. Every person, even leaders, will make mistakes.

We can all shout “I’ve fallen!

Can you relate to that cry? The one where you know you’ve done something un-leader like?

Whether it’s a poor choice that cost your company a big deal or a slip-up in your marriage where you hurt your wife’s feelings, mistakes are made on a daily basis.

While we all fall the ending isn’t the same for everyone. Some leaders recover. Other leaders fall deeper into their mistake and never return.

What separates those who are restored and those who can’t seem to gain traction?

You’ve Fallen

I often think back to the commercial for LifeAlert. In the late 80’s and 90’s, there would be an advertisement with an old lady at the bottom of the stairs. She’d fallen and couldn’t get up.

In the fitness world people will tell you that you are what you eat.

We can grasp this concept in fitness. What goes into our bodies is what shapes our bodies and health.

However, in leadership, we struggle with the concept of what we consume, we become.

We’ve got to be aware of what we’re taking in. What we’re viewing. What we’re feeding our minds.

Each of these activities will put something into our minds and into our lives.

Whether we watch something that is good and uplifting or something that brings others down, the choice is often up to us.

Whether we listen to a positive message or bring destructive words into our thoughts, the choice is up to us.

We are constantly consuming media that will impact the way we live our lives.

No one really knows what Mad Max: Fury road is. Is it a sequel? Is it a prequel? Or is it a revisiting of the Mad Max tale?

I’m not sure and we haven’t gotten a good answer on this Mad Max question.

Leadership lessons and quotes from Mad Max: Fury Road

One thing I can tell you is that Mad Max: Fury Road is a darn good movie. Much better than I expected.

Having never watched the previous movies in the Mad Max series, I wasn’t sure what the movie was going to be other than a post-apocalyptic dystopia adventure ride.

And that it delivered upon.

From the get-go, Mad Max was action packed. And leadership-lesson packed.

Warning: There are Mad Max: Fury Road movie spoilers ahead.

Leadership Lessons From Mad Max: Fury Road

1. We change: Max Rockatansky was a cop before everything happened in this dystopian universe. He swore to uphold the law.