Are You Living What Truly Matters?

We all proclaim that we have certain values in our lives. We tell ourselves and others that our family matters. We tell others that our friends matter. We tell others that our faith matters.

My question is, does your life line up with what you say?

People Say One Thing

I’ve heard so many people say how important their family is to them. They say how they’d go to the ends of the earth because of what they mean.

I’ve heard people claim their friends are invaluable. They say there’s nothing else they’d rather do.

I’ve heard people claim God and faith is important. They couldn’t live without God.

People say one thing and yet do another.

These same people that claim to value these friends and family and faith values then go and do things that are contradictory to what they’ve just said.

We see people who claim family as important put work or another woman in front of their family. We see people who say friends are the most important thing neglect relationships and lose contact with each other. We see those who claim to have faith in God do things that go against His commandments.

How You Can Live What Truly Matters

You can choose to not be one of those people who say one thing and do another. You can be someone who sticks by their word and lives a life of things that matter to you.

It’s the easiest, hardest thing you’ll ever do.

You’ll have to:

Put your family first:This means showing up for family dinners. This means you spend time with your wife and/or children. This means you are intentional with the time you spend with your family.

Set aside friend time: Friends are important as well. Yet we often go on with life and forget about those so-called friends. Instead, schedule in activities so you can see and be with your friends.

This may seem callous and cold but it’s the easiest way you can make time for others. When you have it blocked off, it’s available for those you claim are important.

Live a Godly life: I’m not here to condemn you or make you feel guilty. However, if you claim faith as a value you hold dear, you should be living a life worthy of being called a Christ-follower.

Think through your actions before you take them. Are they God honoring or me honoring? Make your choices based on that.

Make your life worth something truly valuable. Take what you say is important to you and begin living like it is.

Question: How do you make sure you’re living your life like it truly matters? Let’s hear about it in the comments section below.

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  • I wish I could say I always get this right. It’s easy to talk the talk, but our talk is just talk if there’s no walk to our talk.

    For me, it helps to have accountability in my life. My wife, my kids, and a few closer group of guys help me stay true.

    • I’m not sure anyone gets this right all of the time. We’ve got to pick ourselves back up when we fail and keep going. Keep working at it Jon!

  • PaulVandermill

    Excellent message, Funny how so often we come back to being intentional. My hunch is that we move away from what we claim is important by reacting impulsively rather than being purposeful.

    • That’s a great point Paul. When things are going smoothly, it’s much easier to react impulsively rather than intentionally. What are you doing to ensure that you continue being purposeful in your decisions?