Are You About To Perish?

This sounds like a silly question, but it’s one you really need to think over.

Many of us are on a path that will end in destruction. We’re wandering without a clue on where we are going.

Image by Paul Stevenson

Proverbs 29:18 states “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

The Bible makes it clear that we need a vision. Without it we will perish.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a vision, it’s time to get one.

Are you ready to get serious about creating a vision statement for your life? Is that a yes I hear?

Good, I knew you were ready! Now let’s do this.

  • Set aside a day:
    You’re going to need time to do this. Try to find a full day to devote to this task. If you’re unable to do a full day, set aside 4 or more hours.

    By creating a block of time to devote to creating a vision, you’re placing importance on it. This will also minimize distractions.

  • Get away from your regular surroundings:
    Too often we get complacent with our surroundings. They lack the inspiration you will need to create your vision.

    Find a place that will inspire you.

    This could be a cabin in the woods, a cottage at the beach, or you and a tent at the summit of a mountain.

    Whatever you do, find a place that takes your breath away.

  • Dream big:
    Your vision needs to be bigger than yourself. It must encompass the story you want your life to tell.

    Begin by thinking back to your childhood. What were your dreams? What did you want to become? Where did you want to live?

    Write these ideas down. Examine the ideas and see if there are any common themes. If there are, note them.

    Now think about your current life. What would you change? Where do you want to go? How do you want your life remembered?

    Do these desires to line up with the dreams you had as a child? See which ones are still there.

  • Begin writing:
    Start with where you are currently. Put your current reality down on paper so you can see where you are beginning from.

    Once you have your current reality on paper, begin the transition to where you want to go.

    But instead of writing it as a dream, write it as a reality. Use words like “I am living in the heart of Tennessee” or “I am daily enjoying physical exercise.”

    By using the present tense you are creating a mental picture of success. You’re putting a firm image in your mind.

    Continue this until you have a clear vision for five years, ten year, or twenty years.

And there you have your vision statement.

You will want to keep it in an area that you will see it often, if not daily. This will keep the vision clear and sharp in your mind.

Most importantly, remember this isn’t set in stone. As the years pass by, your dreams and desires may change. It’s okay to tweak the vision. Just make sure it is staying true to who you are.

“To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.”
— Seneca

Question: Do you have a vision statement for your life? Would you share it with us? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Thanks for the challenge, Joe. I need to do more of this. One way I get away to recalibrate is on an annual guy’s camping trip over the Memorial holiday. This is often a time to relax, reflect, and recharge.

    • You’re welcome Jon. A guy’s camping retreat sounds like a blast and that it could help you focus on your vision. But do you ever find it distracting with the other guys around?

      • Actually, yes. It can be a challenge. I still see value in getting away by myself – even if it’s just for a few hours. I just haven’t made this a discipline yet.

  • Joe,

    This is something my wife and I are currently working on. We’ve set goals and they have been a HUGE factor in the success that we’ve had up to this point. However, we noticed something was missing, something bigger. That something is vision!

    In a lot of ways, a vision, a mission statement is more difficult to come up with then goals, at least for me. However, I know it is critical and am going to push through and get one on paper!

    Thanks for the challenge!

    How did you find developing a vision and mission statement?

    • Michael,

      I know that feeling! My wife and I have had trouble creating a vision for our marriage as well. It’s something we’ve let slide to the wayside. Out of sight, out of mind right?

      Developing a vision and mission statement has been a struggle for me. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. But it’s something I force myself to sit down and do. In the end, it’s something I’m thankful for.

      • Do you have separate mission statements for personal, marriage, business, etc, or just one?

        • Currently it’s one mission statement. But I think it would be a great idea to have separate ones for the areas you mentioned.

          • Same here. I have one and am looking to refine that a bit before writing a second one.

  • Jack Lynady

    Nice true read Joe.

  • Love this post Joe! Interesting timing- I just wrote a post called “The Cliff” which examines the dangerous paths we walk and asks why we fail to act. ( A plan is essential- always amazes me how most folks just let the boat drift. Thanks for the reminder and your encouragement!

    • It always amazes me how things line up with what others are doing. Sometimes I think it’s a reinforcement to us that we need to be aware of the issue.

  • Here is my vision statement-
    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” Eph 3:20 NIV

  • Awesome post Joe ! The closest thing to a mission statement for our family (wife and three kiddos) is to “Maximize our God-given talents in accordance with His will to further His kingdom here on earth and in each other.”

    • I like it Tor! How are you moving forward and into that mission?

      • It’s a constant process of yielding to his grace and (trying) to deny self. As a family, we’ve started a daily devotional regimen in the morning to kick off our days with a proper focus – that’s the most tangible tactic thus far….

  • I’m working on it. I’m getting there.

    • Take it one step at a time Larry. You’ll get there!

  • Good steps for a vision statement, Joe. I like helping people excel. Here’s a link to that in detail:

    • I like it Joe! Great idea to put your mission statement on your about page!

  • My vision is to lead people to Christ, first and foremost. Then I want to teach working men and woman everywhere not to settle but pursue their passions and dreams! Live the abundant life the Lord wants you to live. Now that I know where I want to go, I’m filling in the steps to get there.

    • You’re getting there and doing great hings Kimanzi. I know many people are being touched by your words and moving forward in finding their dreams and passions.

  • “Winning souls and making disciples” – is the big picture in my (and hubby’s) life.

    It’s broken down to smaller components of course but that is basically where all our goals and dreams originate – from our purpose.

    We have dreams for the future and things we are doing now.

    I like your thoughts about keeping the vision statement somewhere near.

    Great post.

    • Great mission Ngina! I think that should be the key component of every believers mission.

      BTW, I’ve always wondered how do you say your first name? Is it pronounced N Gina or Gina or some other way?

      • Lol.

        Sometime back I was thinking of dropping the “N” to make it easier for people here (US) to pronounce my name. My hubby looked at me like….bad idea, lady. 🙂

        It’s one word, no separation of letters. The N sound is like “ng” , (as in goiNG). The G sound like the G in “Got”. It’s a quick word though, so the emphasis is barely heard. And the rest of the name just as you’d finish the name “gINA”


        • Thanks Ngina! Now I know how to say your name. (-:

  • Great tip about getting away to write and think about your vision. This is so important to finding a personal vision and setting goals to accoplish it. Over the past few months I have been developing my vision statement and for now it’s: I want to help others become better people and leader through my writing and speaking.

  • I do have a vision statement for my life. It’s: to ignite young people to passionately pursue Christ and transform the world.

  • Lill

    Business: Passionately pursue developing and using my talents in order to become all I was destined to be and to see myself everyday as a channel of His abundant blessings.

    Personal: Passionately pursue transformation by renewing my mind with the spoken truth, focusing on how much my Father loves me, who He says I am and that I am completely secure with Him.

    Health: Passionately pursue the choices that will lead to strength in mind and body.

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