A Chance To Win Open By Craig Gross

I’m excited to see Craig Gross releasing his new book Open. In Open, you’ll discover why honest, forgiving, caring, consistent, and respectful dialogue within a group dynamic strengths the whole group.

Take the quiz below to find out how Open you really are. Once you’ve taken the quiz, continue reading to discover how you can win a free autographed copy of the book.

Alright, here it is, your chance to win a copy of this great book. What do you need to do?

1. Share this post via Twitter.

2. Leave a comment answering why being Open is important to you.

I’ll randomly choose a winner on August 30th and announce the winner in the monthly blog recap post.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • As a minister, my life is on display most of the time. Open is a requirement simply (but not only) because the opposite of transparency creates an environment of distrust. Openness is critical for me, allowing people to see that I strive to live what I teach, and not hide behind my words, doing something else entirely.

  • Transparency is so important to leading my team. I want them to see me as I am – not what I pretend to be. I want them to know that they can come to me, because I’ve gone through “stuff” as well.

    • Terrific Jon. When we’re open with our team, they realize we’re for them not against them.

  • Thanks for the news Joe. I also feel that until and unless you are not transparent with your fellow mates you cannot achieve the desired results out of them as well as yourself. Moreover being transparent and true also lead to strong bonding between you and you fellow mates.

    • Very true George. Our level of openness affects the types of results we will get from our team.

      BTW, did you tweet about this post to enter the contest for the book?

  • Alli Polin

    It’s funny how I feel about being open. I”m VERY open about some things and still very private about others. Part of my private side is what makes me a good coach – listening, observing, not only sharing and taking center stage. I wonder if there is an “ideal” score on the quiz? Hummm

    • We’re all that way Alli. There’s something about keeping a part of us secret and set apart that appeals to us. Not always bad but not always good either.

      I’m not sure if there is an ideal score. Mine was 68%. How do you compare?

      • Alli Polin

        Mine was a hair under 50% I’ll probably take the quiz again at some point too. I’m not shocked since my score reflects my way of being… open and private (but always appreciative when others fill the space too)

        • Not bad. Especially if you felt you were split about 50-50 anyways.

  • Gina Rath

    Found you on 48days.net. Thank you for the recommendation, I just downloaded it from Audible; it sounds like it will be an interesting read (listen).

    • Gina, thanks for coming over and visiting. I hope you like what you find and enjoy the book you downloaded!

  • Hope I’m not too late to enter. Being open attracts people toward a leader.

    • You’re not too late Dan. You’ve been added.

  • Hmm. 68% open. I guess I’m as open as a bag of chocolate chips found by a toddler. That’s a fun picture! I have found I can go so much further and a have so much more meaningful life when I’m more open… less private. It makes life fun and edgy!

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