8 Leadership Podcasts I Listen To

Great leaders are constantly looking to increase their knowledge. They know the more they know (and apply), the more effectively they’ll lead.

This thirst for knowledge is why I’m consistently asked what I’m reading and what I’m listening to.

Today, I want to share with all of you the top leadership posts I’m listening to and why you will want to check them out.

1. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Andy Stanley has been a huge inspiration in my life. Having seen him multiple times at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA, he’s probably had one of the largest impacts on my leadership.

Though his podcast seems to be inconsistent in coming out, you will always learn a new leadership insight from this podcast.

2. The Catalyst Podcast: Catalyst is an organization that has helped shape my leadership style and focus. Co-founded by John Maxwell, they are dedicated to helping young Christian leaders lead their churches better.

Every week the Catalyst Podcast brings you insights from their organization. Along with that, you will hear interviews with amazing leaders.

Who doesn’t want that?

3. Ask Pat/Smart Passive Income: The main focus of these two podcasts are not specifically leadership focused, but I’ve found them to be extremely helpful as I strive to become a better leader.

Pat Flynn shares his insights into building a following and thriving business.

To me, his principles can easily be applied to leadership. From growing an audience to making something of value, it all translates to leadership.

4. In The Loop with Andy Andrews: Andy Andrews has done more than most people will ever dream of. He’s found himself homeless and living under a pier to speaking in front of thousands of people and writing multiple books.

Andy shares his story of how he moved from under a bridge to being a successful leader. He also brings on other leaders who talk about what it takes to lead well.

5. RED: Real Entrepreneur Development: I recently discovered David Hooper’s podcast when I met him at Jon Acuff’s book launch for Do Over. After we chatted, he shared that he recorded 3 interviews with Jon and they were going to air in a couple of weeks.

Once I listened to that podcast, I was hooked.

Hearing what he has done to build a business has been inspiring. He’s also brought on guests who share how they’ve built their businesses.

Truly inspiring.

6. The World Changer Show with Matt McWilliams: Matt’s doing great things. He’s introducing the world to people who are making big changes.

Every week, you hear stories of people who are making the world a better place.

Don’t skip over Matt’s podcast. It’s one of the podcasts I look forward to listening to every week.

7. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt: What leadership podcast list would be complete without the venerable Michael Hyatt podcast?

Next to Andy Stanley, Michael’s been my biggest online mentor.

With This Is Your Life, Michael shares the mic with Michelle Cushette. During the 30-60 minute show, they dialogue about pertinent leadership topics.

8. Gospel Driven Entrepreneur: I am so thankful I was introduced to PJ Simmons and his podcast Gospel Driven Entrepreneur by my friend Ashley Williams. On his show, he brings on entrepreneurs who have a Christian belief system.

It’s interesting to hear the questions and banter as they talk about faith and business. I always leave knowing more than I did before.


9. Can I toss out a bonus 9th podcast? My own! The Answers From Leadership Podcast brings you great interviews from leaders around the world. I dive deep into leadership topics such as conflict resolution, the power of peers, and much more.

That’s my list of great leadership podcasts. It’s not comprehensive, but it is what I’m listening to.

I want to hear your what you’re listening to. Share what you think is the best leadership podcast in the comment section below.

Question: What’s your favorite leadership podcast? Please share it in the comment section below so others may be introduced to great, new content.

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  • Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I used to listen to the Catalyst Podcast but now they seem to spend less time on interviews and more time just talking among the cohosts.

    • Haha, I actually find it the opposite. Since Ken and Brad stepped out, the new guys seem to do less chatting and more topical items.

  • Fun, I listen to all but #8 and #4. But I also listen to Chris LoCurto’s pod cast too. And just started listening to Become Good Soil by Morgan Snyder.

    • You’re missing out on some good content Steve! Andy Andrews is always entertaining, even when talking about his office. GDE was a new addition to my listening but he’s really grown on me. It’s so refreshing to hear about business from a Christian perspective.

      If you try out either podcast, let me know.

      What’s Morgan’s podcast about? The title is intriguing.

      • As for Morgan, He works with John Eldredge with Wild At Heart. Knowing you work with younger adults, this podcast would help those who want to find root problems and take action to heal them.

        • I love John Edlredge. Sounds like Become Good Soil will have to be added to the list.

  • Wow this is, by far, the best blog post you’ve written. Thank you so much for introducing me to some of these guys.

    Pat Flynn is pretty awesome and he’s super authentic. Andy Stanley is the man when it comes to leadership. I subscribe to his In Touch magazine. I haven’t listened to Michael’s podcast but I’m definitely going to now.

    Gonna give Matt’s and Andy Andrew’s podcast a shot as well.

    Thanks again for showing me these guys. I’ve been looking for more good information to listen to.

    • Whoa, thanks for the compliment Marty. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Are there any other podcasts you would add to the list?

      • Yes, actually.

        I recently started listening Self Made Man with Mike Dillard. In my opinion, it’s the best podcast out there for men who want to make a difference in the world.

        • Hmmm, I’ll have to check that podcast out. Thanks for recommending it!

  • I listen to most of these already. I would add these to your list: Leadership Answerman with Dr. Hans Finzel, Manager Tools, Read to Lead Padcast, Chris LoCurto, and The EntreLeadership Podcast.

    • Thanks for the new suggestions Jon. I actually listen to EntreLeadership, don’t know how I forgot that one. The others, I haven’t had a chance to listen to. What keeps you coming back to their shows?

      • Leaders keep learning, and each of these podcasts help me learn to be a better leader.