7 Things You Should Do Every Day

We’ve all got lists of tasks we need to accomplish for the day. It’s the way of successful people, right?

We often think we’ve got the important tasks on our list. But do you honestly have the most important things on that list?

I think we overlook the simple and important tasks we should have on our to-do list.

This past year has caused a lot of reflection on my part.

Losing my best friend. Life situations change. Seeing other loved ones pass away. Discovering and reawakening passions.

I look back at my life and wonder why I neglected so many important things throughout my days. Why did the unimportant get my attention? Why did I give away my time to things that never mattered?

Culture has a lot to do with this, I think. Telling us our value is in what we own. Or in what we do. Or the latest fashions.

We get swept into this giant lie. We’ve got to step away and realize we’re more than what culture tells us we are.

We need to live our lives with the grandeur we were meant to live in.

And I believe we can do live this type of wonderful life. We’ve got to get our priorities right though.

How do we do that? By making sure we’re doing what matters day in and day out.

Here’s my list of 7 things you should do every day –

1. Tell your loved ones you love them.

2. Learn a new fact

3. Challenge yourself

4. Do good work

5. Read a fascinating book (Not that you have to finish it, just read a portion)

6. Meet someone new

7. Spend time in solitude

This list isn’t anything fantastic or difficult to accomplish, really. However, it’s a list that’s important to me.

Our loved ones should be reminded constantly of our love for them. We need to constantly be learning. There should always be a challenge in front of us. Our work should be a reflection of the good we’re doing. Diving deep into a good story refreshes our souls. Forming new relationships keeps us on our toes. And being alone helps us calm the outside noises and realize the importance of others.

Those are the reasons my list is so important to me. It challenges me. It makes me grow. It expands my boundaries.

And I hope you have a list that does the same for you.

Question: Do you have a list of things you do, or try to do, everyday? What’s the most important thing on that list? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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  • Joe – I’m always doing and trying to do with purpose. However, when I fail to write down what it is that I want to do, I seem to get pieces and parts of a bunch of different stuff. Plus, I’ll miss a few things I intended.

    Writing things down is one step of being intentional. I’m a huge fan and practice it often.

    My biggest everyday challenge is diving into the Word. I long for truth and wisdom and need to be reminded that is the source.

    • Matt, an easy way to dive into the Word is to make it a first thing in the morning. Once I wake up, I hit the Bible.

      • Exact same here brother – a GREAT way to start a day!!

  • Excellent advice and reminder. The things of the greatest value we tend to take for granted.

    • Ain’t that the truth? We’re willing to overlook what matters most for temporary gain.

  • Mary DeMuth

    Loved this!

  • Geez! I didn’t know the NSA was publishing our to-do lists! I need to keep disconnected from the web more often!

    • Haha, you never know who may get a hold of them (-;

  • A simple list, yet the most important one I’ve seen this year. Thanks Joe, for the polite but critical reminder.

  • Good list Joseph! I have followed a similar course for many years though I was a bit too light on the social end of things. I would like to add some knowledge.

    You wrote – “Culture has a lot to do with this, I think. Telling us our value is in what we own. Or in what we do. Or the latest fashions. We get swept into this giant lie. We’ve got to step away and realize we’re more than what culture tells us we are.”

    You are right. From birth, authoritarians tell us to be like this, look like this, and act like this OR ELSE! To escape the “or else”, about 95% of us conform to these demands, some of us only a little and some of us almost completely. Those who conform a lot really don’t know who they are. Conforming becomes automatic that by adulthood we don’t even know we are doing it.

    Meanwhile, those who never conformed are their own person. To decide what to do, they look inside themselves, to their own values and their own motivations and NOT to what they might think others or society want us to do. These non-conformists are the very best performers we have because they apply 100% of their brainpower on what they do meaning 100% of their natural creativity, innovation, and productivity.

    Conforming on the other hand requires a large amount of brainpower depending on how much or little you try to conform. Conformists will follow bad leadership just as easily as they follow good leadership. So we need to think about this and start using our brain and our values to decide everything we do and stop listening to society or others to determine how we live life. Be your own person, be the person you were born to be not what society desires.

    I was lucky to be born with pneumonia and got it 3 more times before the age of 5. Everyone thought I was about to die and never “told” me to do much of anything. I was too weak to do what they wanted anyway. Once they had left me alone for a couple of years, I became my own person and have never looked to anyone other than myself to decide what I was to do. I listen to advice and try to learn, but whatever that is must pass the test of my values and my motivations before I decide rationally to use it.

    Hope this helps.

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