5 Ways To Help Your Team Grow

We know great leaders continue growing even after formal education. They also help their teams to grow.

I’ve shared how to create an environment of growth before. Today, I want to take it a bit deeper and give you 5 more ways to help your team grow.

Image by Paul Bica

Image by Paul Bica

Our main goal, other than leading the organization towards it’s goal, should be to create leaders. Whether it’s to take our place or to come alongside us, we need to be growing new leaders.

The best way to do this is to help people grow. There’s many ways to do this but I want to focus on 5 ways you can help others grow.

1. Grow yourself: Jack Welch once said “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” So what does this mean? This means we need to focus on ourselves and grow. Get to the level where you know more than someone else.

When you reach this level, it’s time for you to grow others. Begin sharing what you’ve learned. Help others up to the level you’ve raised up to. Use your knowledge and growth to grow your team.

2. Take action: I can’t remember a leader that’s inspired me that hasn’t taken action on a goal or a dream. Every inspiring leader that has encouraged my growth has been an action taker.

Action encourages growth because action changes things. When you put one foot in front of the other, things happen. Action inspires growth.

Be a leader who’s ready to take action when needed. Inspire your team to do the same.

3. Be willing to serve: Jesus was the truest leader of all. One way he helped others grow was by serving them.

He got down and dirty with the least of them. He touched people. He healed them. He fed them.

Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.
— Jesus

Jesus was willing to get down on the level of those he served in order to help them grow. Are you willing to serve others?

4. Be a connector: If you’ve been building relationships throughout your leadership, you’ve got plenty of connections. You’ll have business connections, community connections, and friendship connections. You have access to people young leaders could only dream of having.

Be willing to connect your team members to your connections. Make introductions. Share the talents of your team with those you know. Let your team become involved in your community.

This will help your team form new connections of their own. They’ll form relationships and generate new ideas with those within your own sphere. Let them and encourage them to do so.

5. Show them where the opportunities are: Whether it’s within the organization or through one of your connections, help your team become aware of opportunities for growth.

Encourage them to apply for new positions within the company. Help them take on volunteer opportunities that will stretch and grow them. Push them towards opportunities at different companies.

When you open their eyes to the opportunities around them, they’re able to grow and expand their possibilities. Don’t hold back because you’re fearful they might leave. Give them every opportunity you can, even if it means they might leave.

It’s our responsibility to help our team to grow. Don’t take it lightly.

Do your best to give your team the chance to grow. Use the suggestions given in this post. Next, read the comment section to see what other ways people have to help teams grow. Then leave your own suggestion on how to help your team grow.

Question: How do you help your team to grow? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Joe, these are spot on. I try to touch base with our younger team members on a regular basis to reassure them of their progress and contribution to the team and to encourage them to look to the future. It’s so important that we make the most of the opportunities with those coming behind us. Failure to take this action is like destroying our legacy before it even begins.

    • Keep up the great work Jon. I know your younger team members have to be appreciative of the encouragement you’re giving them.

  • Joe, I think your first point is one of the biggest things that separate managers from leaders. In order to lead, you have to be out front. You can’t make the weak strong by making the strong weak.

    If you’re going to lead, you have to grow yourself before you can grow others.

    • Thanks Ellory. Our growth is tantamount to the success of those we’re leading.

  • Bill | LeadershipHeartCoaching

    Hi Joseph,

    I came across this blog yesterday and must admit, I really enjoyed the first post in my inbox this morning.

    Several years back, I returned to school for a masters in leadership. I had a good understanding of what leadership 101 was all about, but I wanted to take it to the next level. Guess what the main theme was in graduate school – what an MA in Leadership was all about? Teaching others what you learn 🙂

    Thank you for a great read,


  • Joe, I love how generosity is found throughout each of suggested ways to grow your team. I think that really is the heart of the matter. It’s hard to imagine not feeling a sense of loyalty or commitment to a great leader who acts on all five of these areas.

    • Thanks Jon! Generosity and helping others step up should be part of our foundation as a leader. It endears ourselves to those under us.

  • Joe,

    I was told “It’s no longer about you. It’s all about them.”

    • That’s a good quote! Thanks for sharing TJ

    • I’m digging the quote TJ. It boils leadership down to the basics.

    • That’s a great quote!

  • At the moment I’m trying to let God grow me so that I can better serve others. It’s a slow process at times, but it’s worth it. Building relationships is also a slow process at times, but again, it’s worth it.

    • Those are both excellent ways to learn to serve. It’s not always easy but it gets you there.

  • The longer I spend in the corporate world, the more and more value I see in being a connector. Almost any deficit of ability can be overcome by being able to connect people with each other. When I start a new job, I always try to figure out who my connectors are – those who just know how to get things done, or who seem to know everyone. Great post, Joe!

    • The power of a connector is great Tom. When we’re able to suggest someone who’s able to get the job done, it not only helps us, it helps the person we’re recommending.

  • This is quiet and impressive article and i must say good communication with the team mixed with joint effort and full commitment always pays off well for the organization.

    • Thanks George. I’m in agreement with you.

  • Dan Forbes

    Joseph, All good points. I love the Jack Welch quote with the emphasis on,”When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

    • Thanks Dan. I think Jack’s quote is one of the best things a leader can learn when dealing with growing their team.

  • Sanjay Rakecha

    The Leader is only person who think about the TEAM first. The Growth of Team shows growth of perfect Leader

    • Sanjay, that should be every leader’s first thought. How are you thinking about your team first?

  • In my experience the best leader isn’t the one who is great at delegating or sits in his office with paperwork all day, but one that actually LEADS the charge. Taking action (as you said) and gets his hands dirty (as Christ did when He walked the earth.) That’s the kind of leader I would want to be.

    • David, thanks for sharing your thoughts. They line up really close to my ideas of the ideal leader. Leaders have to be action takers and willing to step into the roles that no one else wants.

    • So true, David. Leading by being around team members and being in the action.

  • Great post Joe! I think your first point about growing self is the most important, because we set the example for those around us. Those who see us grow and develop will be more in tune to do so themselves( OR when asked)

    • Thanks Dan! Our self growth is so vital. It sets the standard we’re expecting to see of others. It also helps to keep us fresh and at the top of our game. What are you doing to continuously grow yourself?

      • Thanks man:) I listen to audio books almost everyday (for about 1 hour) and also read a lot of blogs/books. I also listen to about 5-7 Podcasts or leadership lessons a week. Those are the two big ones.

        • Great ways Dan! I’m always looking for new podcasts. What’s on your list right now?

          Here’s a few of mine –

          Andy Stanley leadership podcast
          48 Days with Dan Miller
          The Catalyst Podcast
          Internet Business Mastery

          • Those are some great ones. I listen to Dan Miller, Andy Stanly, Michal Hyatt, and Pat Flyn (mainly).

            • Michael and Pat are great as well. They provide great podcasts you don’t want to miss!

              • True, I’m actually seeing Michael Hyatt speak live on Wed.

                • That’s awesome. You’ll enjoy his presentation. It’s something he’s really good at. Make sure you go up and say hi. He’s a pretty open guy when it comes to that.

  • I shared this with some of the leaders I work with. There are a lot of business owners and managers who forget that their primary job is to grow people on their teams. Nice article.

    • Thanks for sharing the post Brandon! I hope it helps the leaders you work with. Let me know the results!

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