5 Ways A Leader Can Have A Better Weekend

In our hyper-connected world, you’re expected to be at the beck and call of the organization you lead. This expectation can drain you and take a toll on your weekends.

They’re no longer sacred. They’re no longer set aside for rest.

Instead, you’re worried about what could go wrong.

Leaders can have a good weekend

Image by Evan Rummel

You can’t live like this. No one can. At some point, you’re going to crack.

All because you couldn’t disconnect and leave your work behind while enjoying the weekend.

You can change all of that. You can create an environment where you can have a better weekend.

5 Ways A Leader Can Have A Better Weekend

Rest is important. Our bodies were designed to have a regular rhythm. One we often ignore.

So, let’s see what we can do to make our weekends better and more restful.

  1. Go into Do Not Disturb mode:

    I’ve been known to go into hermit, or do not disturb, mode on more than one occasion. Typically, this happens on our escape to St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    An amazing thing happens when you cross the Mackinac Bridge – Cell phone signal can be spotty or non-existent. This means I’m in my Do Not Disturb mode.

    You might not go to a remote area on your weekends. You can still create a Do Not Disturb mode in your life.

    When the clock hits 5 PM on Friday, have your phone set to only accept phone calls and texts from those you want to hear from. Create a list of family members, friends, and loved ones and send the other calls to your voicemail.

  2. Plan a fun activity:

    You plan your business activities. You schedule in your priorities on your calendar. But do you schedule in fun activities that rejuvenate you?

    If you’re like most seemingly high performers, the answer is probably no. You don’t.

    What’s the old saying? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I say All work and no play makes a leader a dull person.

    Discover something you love, plan a weekend around the activity, and do it.

  3. Get a round or two of physical activity in:

    Nothing gets the blood going like a good cardio workout. To have a better weekend, make sure you get in one or two exercises.

    A cheat I’ve used to get this in is to take Lok, our Vizsla, out for a walk or two Saturday and Sunday. Not only does he get worn out by the walk, I exert energy as well.

    For you, it could be playing with your son or hiking the backwoods of Oregon.

    Whatever you do, find ways to become active during your weekends.

  4. Keep your regular sleep schedule:

    Do you ever feel more worn out after a weekend than during the week? I can point out at least one reason: You changed your sleep schedule for a brief period of time.

    Doing late nights and early mornings will drain your energy and make you feel sluggish.

    Try to keep your regular sleep schedule, even during the weekend. This will help you have a better weekend.

  5. Go to a church service:

    A highlight of my weekend is attending church at Gateway Church. There, I get fed and am able to rub shoulders with other men of faith.

    There’s nothing like being in the house of God to get me primed for the week to come.

    Try attending a church service regularly. Doing so can change your life.

Question: What do you do to have a better weekend as a leader? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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  • Rest is crucial! I love the scheduling the fun stuff. Many people don’t do that. I schedule everything, and when I triage my calendar, I will be happy to see fun stuff coming up. It also allows me to recognize times where I am too busy, and then I can block off time for rest.

    If people need to schedule rest to actually have down time, then do so. Write down “rest time” on your digital or kitchen calendar and stick to it!

    • Good idea. If the only way to make sure you rest and have fun is put it on your calendar, then make a date with yourself and keep it.

      • Definitely! Over time, hopefully it will become more automatic and you won’t have to book a self appointment, but it’s helped me remain accountable to myself

    • Awesome Mike. I’ll be honest, I’m horrible with scheduling but try to find the time to rest throughout the week, especially the weekend (though that sometimes goes south).

      • I feel your pain on that one! Chores and other “shiny objects” that get your attention really pulls you away from just relaxing.

  • It’s a word as old as the beginning of the world. Sabbath

    God didn’t rest because he was tired, he rested because he was giving us instruction coupled with permission to take a day to rest. I don’t believe the day of rest is sanctioned to be a weekend day. Rest on the day of the week that fits your life mandates. But rest, refresh, refill. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

    • I don’t think it is either yet many of the readers of this site have the weekend off and it’s the best time for them to practice resting and Sabbath times. We can take rest/Sabbath days any day as long as we’re intentional! (-: