5 Things A Leader Should Pray For

Faith plays a major role in my life. According to my reader survey, faith also plays a major role in your life as well.

That’s cool! It’s exciting to see other leaders living out their faith as well.

Who are you praying for as a leader?

Image by C. Jill Reed

Being leaders of faith, I must raise the question: Are you praying daily in your leadership roles? If not, why not? If so, are you praying for the right things?

Every leader is different so the right thing to pray for may be different for you. Yet, I think every leader will see overlap in certain things they’re praying for.

1. Their family: First and foremost, a leader needs to be praying over their own family. Pray over your wife, or husband if you’re a female leader. Pray over your children. Go as far as to pray over your pets.

Covering your family in prayer creates a hedge of protection around them. With you as their first defense.

2. Their team members: Next, leaders should be praying for their team members. You’re a leader over them and they’re your responsibility. Take it seriously and move it to the next level.

Pray for your team members’ families. Pray for God’s blessing upon their lives. Pray for wisdom and peace and joy.

3. Their peers and competition: This may seem odd but I truly believe you should be praying for your peers, those in similar positions as yours. That being said, those peers of yours may be in direct competition with you.

Competition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray for them. Rather, pray all the harder.

Pray for blessings upon their business. Pray for continued success. Pray for their families and friends.

4. Their vendors: Honestly, your vendors could almost be considered your partners in business. Yet we often forget about them until we need the next order or an order is messed up.

Don’t wait to think of your vendors until one of those situations arises. Instead, be in prayer for them.

Pray for business success. Pray that they’re able to help as many people as God has put them here to help. Pray your vendors will be a blessing to those they’re doing business with.

5. Their business: Lastly, leaders need to pray for their own business or organization. You’re the leader after all, you should spend time covering the business in prayer.

We’ve already covered a few areas you should be praying for: your team, your vendors, and your competitors. But praying for your company goes deeper than that.

Pray for God’s blessing upon the business. Pray you can be a witness to those you serve. Pray for guidance to lead the company in the right direction. Pray for peace in troubled business times. Pray for increase. Pray for wise advisers.

Prayer’s a powerful tool. Use it wisely and pray for the right things.

Pray for your family. Pray for your team. Pray for your competitors. Pray for your vendors. And pray for your business.

Question: What are you praying for as a leader? If you’re comfortable, please share a few of the things you pray for.

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  • Pray for wisdom to know what to do and for the courage to make difficult decisions in the face of uncertainty. And of course for the character to be the person you need to be.

    • Seems like prayer for wisdom is a big one Nathan. Almost every other comment after you mentioned wisdom. Have you noticed your wisdom increasing as you begin to pray more?

      • Hey, the Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and also that we can’t know what truth is apart from God. Add to that that He’s an understanding God. Doesn’t all true leadership begin when you acknowledge the only True Leader? I know that when I spend time with God, He rubs off on me.

  • Joe – Prayer is such an essential part of the daily walk and the leadership journey. Constant communication with the Creator is essential.

    I often pray for wisdom and discernment – guidance from Him to carry out His plan rather than my own.

    • Those two are vitally important to a leader who wants to walk in the right direction Matt.

  • I love this article! Prayer is essential in my life and I appreciate you sharing your faith with us your readers. You gave really great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the feedback Hanna. I’m delighted you enjoyed the post!

  • Great post Joe! I pray daily multiple times a day. My biggest prayer is for wisdom in leading those God has placed in my life. I fear (good fear) that I will be the blind leading the blind into a ditch. I pray that God will open my eyes more everyday.

    • Awesome prayer Zech. Have you seen wisdom come to you as you pray that prayer?

      • Yes He has. A lot of times it is removing my prida and flesh to truly serve those I lead.

  • Great reminder Joe, I can be so task oriented I can easily lose sight of the care for those I lead. I most often pray that those I lead will experience the grace and peace of God. That is what the Apostle Paul most often prayed when he prayed for others. If we have God’s grace and peace, most everything else will fall into the right perspective. Our circumstances may still be hard but God’s grace and peace will see us through.

    • That’s an awesome prayer to pray for those that you lead Jon. Having those things in their lives can completely change the direction of their life.

  • I am praying for the vision God has placed in my heart – that is, to raise up the next generation of leaders who will reclaim the seven cultural mountains of influence.

    We know those at the top carry disproportionate influence over their respective mountain. I’m praying for leaders to engage culture and wield biblical influence.

  • Shing Degano

    Earnest praying without ceasing is our lifeline connection to our Almighty God. As a Christian, I know what praying for the right petitions can do in one’s life. It has become my fortress of refuge & a springboard for tangible, intangible blessings. I always pray for daily spiritual wisdom in every aspect of my life. Because I believe that God bestows revelations in us that we need to usher people to point to His saving grace. Thus, expect that everything else falls in the right place, including leadership impact. As always, it’s a pleasure reading your post.

    • “praying without ceasing” ~ when I read those words, the first time Shing, it immediately changed both my own and my children’s life. In all my study and prayers with our Father since that day, all the understandings I have been brought to… nothing changed me like these words.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Shing.

  • for wisdom that I will stay out of the way; for the reserves to be a good steward of the talent I have been given; for my wife and son, that I could be the leader they need.

  • Mark Deterding

    Outstanding article Joe! Prayer has been the “Secret” to my leadership over the years. Without asking for God’s guidance, strength, wisdom, and discernment I could not begin to be effective in my current role as a leader and coach.

    Before I get in front of anyone in a training session I ask for God’s guidance to bring the words that will provide the necessary instruction for the completion of His will in this particular setting.

    Before every coaching session that I conduct, I ask God to clear my head of my agenda, and focus on the agenda of the person I am coaching, and help me to partner and listen at a level that will allow me to help them advance their agenda in an accelerated fashion.

    I also pray daily for everyone of my clients personally, as well as for blessings upon their business.

    I also thank God for you and the great work you are doing in advancing sound leadership principles! Thanks!!

    • Mark, I like your approach of asking for help to concentrate on what is at hand. I should take this up as a habit, clear my head of my agenda and concentrate on my client’s agenda when I am working with them.

      • Mark Deterding

        I know it works for me Kimunya. Your intentionality in this area will pay major dividends for you and your clients!

    • Those are great things to be praying for Mark. It looks like you’re focusing on others and how you can be a blessing to them. Keep it up!

  • I did it! Just this morning in my most quite moment, in the shower 🙂 Then I come online and read your article. Joe, thank you for this timely reminder that our faith should reach out to everyone at all times. It reminds me that compassion, care, love, etc. can be part of my everyday agenda. Thanks for keeping me encouraged Joe…

    • My pleasure Kimunya. I’m glad my words encouraged you!

  • This is a great list. I would also say that we should pray for our customers/clients. As far as business is concerned, they should be our main concern.

  • I’m praying for the very things you mentioned here Joe, this is a great list.