4 Reasons To Encourage Up And Coming Leaders

As a leader, one of our goals should be to raise up leaders who are just starting out. They are, after all, the next generation of leaders whether we like it or not.

Since these leaders will take over where we left off, it’s our duty to encourage them, guide them, and give them the tools to succeed. Are you ready to do that?

If you are, I’m here to show you why we must be willing to encourage the next generation of leaders.

The most obvious reason to encourage these young leaders?: Young leaders are going to take over your job. Why not set a great example and raise them up in ways you know will work. Encourage them and motivate them to do the same great job you do.

Young leaders will face struggles. You’ve been in their shoes as a seasoned leader. You know the ins and the outs of leadership. You know there will be trials in their journey that you’ve faced before. Guide them through and teach them the ways to overcome the tough times.

Young leaders have great ideas. This up and coming generation of leaders has seen an explosion in the area of creativity. From new ways to fund-raise to the ways in which they work. Young leaders are always coming up with valuable ideas. Encourage them to share them and pursue the great ideas.

Young leaders look up to you. Whether you like it or not, young leaders under your authority are looking up to you. They’re watching the way you treat others, how honest you are in transactions, and more. Encourage them by giving young leaders a great example to follow.

It’s your responsibility to raise up leaders to take over for you. Be an encouragement to these young leaders as you’re raising them up.

By doing so, you’ll leave quality leaders and a legacy people will respect for a long time.

Question: What reasons can you think of to encourage the up and coming leaders? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Hi Joe,

    This was a great post on encouraging up and coming leaders. I believe we need to support the leaders of the future as much as we can. I think in a business sense, we will not always be able to lead. As time goes on, we will get older and our priorties will change. However, if we want others to continue pushing the vision we have, then we need to give future leaders the nurturing to do so. Obviously, they will put their own unique spin on it.

    Thank you.

    • Hiten, thanks man! You’re right on that we won’t always be able to lead. If we’re not bringing up and encouraging young leaders, there will be no one left to take over.

      What are you doing to ensure you’re encouraging those around you?

  • Joe, I think this exact subject is important for upcoming leaders to understand. Don’t wait until “you have made it” to start investing in other and growing those around you.

    • Exactly Jonathan. We should be investing in others right away. What can you do today to help grow those around you?

  • A selfish reason is that you might need them. If you are a business owner looking for a new VP of something, who do you think is more likely to join your burgeoning team…the guy who’s never heard of you or the one whom you invested in?

    • Matt, that’s an excellent point. If you’re paying attention to and investing in those in your organization, you’ll have an easier time to convincing them to join the team.

  • Raising up and encouraging young leaders is so important. It’s all about raising up the next generation of leaders and passing the baton over too them.

    Helping encourage young leaders or bloggers brings me great joy and fulfillment. It’s about taking people along on the journey with us. Great post!

    • Dan, I’m with you buddy! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • From a church community standpoint if we don’t raise up leaders the church will die. We can’t live forever, the church needs leaders to carry on the work of Christ.

    • TC, that’s a very good point. Organizations die if leaders aren’t willing to grow up other leaders.

    • Great point, TC.

  • Young leaders are our future. They will lead our children and grandchildren. Failing to encourage up and coming leaders is a waste of our own careers and leadership potential. Our legacy will quickly fade without up and coming leaders to carry it forward.

    • Jon, excellent point. If we’re unwilling to help the up and coming leaders, we’re hurting future generations.

  • Number #1 reason is because chances are someone DID NOT encourage you. The chain has to be broken and young leaders need to be encouraged and told that they will fail and it’s OK to fail, and learn from those failures.

    • I really like this Juan. How are you breaking the chain and encouraging young leaders?

      • It’s a regular conversation. Instead of being negative, I look at the positives they have done, and then help them improve in the areas where the need help.

  • Leaving a generation of effective leaders can be part of your legacy. Long after you are gone, those leaders you invested in will be there. I’ve heard the expression – without death there would be no art. Well, leadership is our art.

    • Legacy is very important Tom. The way you’ve treated others and the leaders you’ve raised up will tell the story.

  • Young leaders around me need to be encouraged because they need to be better than me

    • Wow Gary! That’s awesome to realize. You’ve hit the nail on the head. In what ways are you doing this?

      • 1) Include them in the thinking that leads to decisions, 2) help them see that leading is messy but you plow through anyway without complaining, 3) give them freedom to fail. Thanks for asking, Joe.

  • I think young leaders will have even better ideas and innovations than today’s leaders. Plus, I think we need to teach young leaders to have a moral and ethical compass.

    • Dan, I agree with you. Today’s young leaders tend to be more open and willing to try things current leaders are unwilling to. This leads to the innovations our companies and organizations need.

      • Amber Ecker

        Joe and Dan, I am a young future leader myself finishing my educational leadership degree. I am starting the internship piece in the Fall with one of my administrators. It is encouraging to hear veterans discuss new leaders in a positive way.

        • That is terrific Amber! Congrats on finishing up your degree and take the step into an internship position.

          Is there anything I could do to help you out or encourage you as you move forward?

          • Amber Ecker

            Just reading some of these posts have been encouraging so far! I will be doing some classes this summer as well so I will be keeping up with your discussions.

            • Thanks Amber. And if there’s anything else you can think of in the future, feel free to connect with me and I’ll do what I can to help you succeed in leading.

  • I agree encouraging new generation to become leader and lead the industry is definitely going to pay off a good deed for the economy and growth of the nation. So, for a nation to grow we need leaders who should lead front he front and are young and ready to face any hurdle without any worries.

  • Many older leaders do not encourage younger leaders out of fear — fear of losing a job, of being out of step, of not being valued for experience gained over many years. Younger leaders and veteran leaders need each other. Joseph, your post is right on the mark.

    • John, that’s true. People are scared of being pushed out of their role or position. Sadly, the more they resist, the more likely it is to occur.

  • Many times they have way better ideas. They aren’t clouded by “success” or being in the industry too long. They can see things differently. I love seeing awesome new writers in particular. It’s very encouraging and I try my best to share their work since many do the same for me being that I’m still relatively new to the writing/blogging world.

    • Jared, those are awesome reasons to encourage up and coming leaders. Thanks for adding to the list.

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