3 Ways To Live Rightly

In the movie Immortals, Theseus was content with getting by on just living life. He had nothing he was truly living for.

That all changed when his village was raided and destroyed.

Seeing his fellow peasants murdered before his eyes, something changed. He knew he needed to live for something more.

He needed to live rightly.

Amsterdam at night

Living a good life. It’s something that we all want. To enjoy the life we’ve been given.

But is that all there is to our lives? To just live a good one?

It’s not living as such that’s important, Theseus. It’s living rightly.

I think there’s something more important than just living a good life. It’s living rightly.

While it most likely won’t require you to fight against an evil army like Theseus, living rightly requires more of you than the common man.

What does this mean? Everyone will have a different definition but I think we can all agree on some basic tenets on what it means to live rightly.

  • To give of yourself
    Giving of yourself requires selflessness. You must be willing to put yourself aside and give of your time, your energy, and your money.

    By doing so you will be blessing others and creating a greater good.

    You will touch lives.  You will create a cause to follow. You will be a blessing.

  • To serve others
    Look around and see who’s hurting. Who’s needy. Who’s ready for help.

    Reach out to the needy and hurting. Offer to serve them, even when they cannot repay you.

    Jesus, one of the greatest leaders in history, chose to serve others.

    He said in Matthew 20:28- “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

    If he, the most righteous man that ever lived, made it a purpose to serve others it’s something we need to be doing.

  • To keep your word
    Have you ever been careless with keeping your word?

    I know I have. I’ve made promises and not followed through. It can be tough.

    But it’s something we need to focus on.

    How can we live rightly when we’re saying one thing and doing another? It creates a false identity. One that is not right.

    Commit to keeping your word and following through with your promises.

Look for ways today to live rightly. Whether it be through the three tips I presented in this post or through some other way.

The only true way to live is to live rightly.

Rightly with God. With Family. With others.

If you’re able to do this, you’ll be one step closer to changing the world. Go out and do it today.

“He who postpones the hour of living rightly is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before he crosses.”
― Horace

Question: How are you living rightly? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • I agree with all of your points! I can’t decide which one is the most important…all of them are!

    • Brandon, glad you liked them. Could you add anything to the list?

  • Once upon a time, I thought most things were about me. Somewhere along the way and much too slowly, I realized they are about others. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing a blog post, teaching Sunday School or managing a team. The funny thing is that I find myself more successful when I do that.

    • That’s a huge trap that many leaders fall into. We think it’s about ourselves when it’s really about us serving others.

      Anything in particular make that point real to you? Or was it small, incremental things?

      • I’ve been a manager/leader for 7 years now. I would just have to say experience and observation.

  • You have distilled it well – three key areas to living right – with God, with family and with others.

    I would add “with yourself”. It’s important to be right from within.

    Great post

    • Great addition Ngina. If we’re not right (with health, faith, relationships, etc) things won’t go well.

    • So true Ngina. It’s about living a pure and “right” inward life. To live from the inside out.

  • After today I’m on vacation for the rest of the week and this movie is on my wish list of things to chill out and do. Can’t wait to watch it. I’ll have your post in mind as I do.

    • Hope your vacation goes well TC. You’ll have to let me know what you thought of the movie. I had mixed feelings but enjoyed it.

    • Have a great vacation TC Avey:)

  • Great post Joseph. I try to live rightly by serving at my church each Sunday. I volunteer at one of our multi-site locations. We convert a YMCA to a church every Sunday and totally rock it out. It’s fun, but it’s more fun to see the people come through those doors who have never been to a church before.

    • Sounds like a great thing your church and satellite locations have going on. What made you guys decide to use a YMCA as your church?

      • Well, we have a large building for our first campus, located in Charlotte, NC. But in order to reach out to the community around us we decided to go to where the people are in the form of multiple campuses. The vision is to literally surround the city of Charlotte with sites so we can meet people where they’re at and make it easy to invite friends.

        The YMCA did not have a current partnership with a church so we partnered up and it’s been great. The facility is perfect to start a church in since there’s children’s facilities and the large auditorium. Not to mention the pool, which comes in handy for baptisms!

        • Great vision to have for the church Grayson. Glad that places like the YMCA will let you partner with them and open up satellite churches on their sites.

  • Living rightly… to me, it brings to mind a right standing with God. Uber important!!

    • Chris, that’s right. Living rightly also means living right with God. Without that foundation, anything else is worthless.

  • I agree with a few others–in my worldview as a Christ-follower, living rightly includes loving God with my heart, soul, and mind. It is from this living that these other things come. It is when I have a right vertical relationship that makes the horizontal relationships so much easier.

    • You’re right Nick. Being right with Christ is the most important. Guess I should have mentioned that in the post!

  • “Whether ye eat or drink or whatsover ye do, do all to the glory of God” that’s the model I strive for in my walk. Easier said then done, right? Good thoughts today Joe.

    • That’s the way to live Kimanzi! And yep, easier said than done! It’s just taking it one day at a time and doing your best and allowing God to fill those gaps.

  • I’m doing great, it’s the sinful nature in me that is the problem (Thanks Adam and Eve). I strive to seek and be close to God on a continual basis. I’m choosing to lead through Jesus’s example of serving, being humble, being true to self, and all the other great aspects of His life. Great post.

  • Not sure I can add to the list, Joe. All 3 are about adding value to others and the world. Good job!

  • DS

    It’s great to read about committing to living “right”. Making that decision ahead of time makes it that much easier when we’re confronted in real time. Resolve to give and serve every day – not overlooking people because of their stature or place in life – or discounting the value you can add to others.

    Thanks for the perspective.

    • It does make it easier. There was a recent article that stated pretty much the same thing. If you don’t have a gameplan, the little hiccups can destroy you.

  • For me, it’s day to day (even moment by moment) decisions to live with integrity. It helps to have people in my life who can hold me accountable to living this way.

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