3 Things You Can Do To Deliver Extraordinary Results

There’s really no point in doing what you do unless you can stand out from the pack. To offer something different.

This is where extraordinary results come into play. We can develop methods where we’re consistently delivering value and action-packed results.

Group of dedicated individuals

Image by Julian Fong

If we’re doing everything everyone else is doing, then what’s so special about you? This is the question that needs to be answered. And I think the answer is going to be we need to stop doing what everyone else is doing.

To deliver truly extraordinary results, we’ve got to wade into the abnormal. We’ve got to do something our team or customers are not expecting.

When we do, this blows people away.

So, let’s take a look at 3 things we can do to deliver extraordinary results.

1. Wash A Stranger’s Window: You’ve probably noticed the gas stations have containers of windshield washing fluid and a squeegee to clean your windows while you’re pumping gas.

Have you ever thought what would happen if you took the time to wash a stranger’s windows instead of yours? You’ll most likely find a shocked but happy individual. You helped take care of a need that they weren’t getting around to.

Do the same in your business. Find someone you can help, unexpectedly and with no thought of what you can gain from the interaction.

Watch them and see what problems they’re having. And then solve them. “Wash their windows.”

2. Do Your Job With Joy: Everyone has work to do. Not everyone works with joy.

Bring joy to your work. Be happy while completing your daily tasks.

Create that difference people will notice.

Attacking your job with an enthusiasm that others lack will get you noticed. It’ll also deliver extraordinary results.

3. Build A Team Of Dedicated Individuals: You’ve probably built a team before that didn’t get the job done. Or, if they did, the results were lackluster.

When you’re building a team, don’t add anyone who raises their hand. Instead, pick and choose who gets on the bus.

Find the dedicated individuals. Find the ones who have a passion. Find the ones who will make a difference.

And then get them to join your team.

Delivering the extraordinary results isn’t about making major choices. Extraordinary results is about doing the unexpected, being passionate, and having a team who’s excited to be doing what they’re doing.

Question: How do you deliver extraordinary results? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Great point Joe. I am currently reading Fred 2.0 by Mark Sanbron The book covers this very topic. I try to make sure I always have a positive attitude (Some day’s that is a choice and takes work) It has the greatest impact when a fellow co-worker makes repeated mistakes that impact my job. I do my best to stay positive and do what i can to help them dig out of their hole. It turn out that when I respond this way my attitude gets even better.

    • I’ve heard great things about Fred 2.0. Sounds like you’re delivering a great experience at work Jon. Keep bringing the positive attitude to work.

  • I try to focus on others instead of myself. I really listen, I figure out how I can add value over and beyond what any expects. This is especially true for my clients, if they spend money with me I want them to feel the value is tremendously valuable 🙂

    • That’s a solid strategy Kimanzi. People can tell when we’re making it about them or ourselves.

  • The first point you made about washing windows is akin to doing random acts of kindness for strangers, such as putting money in a parking meter, paying for someone’s drive-thru order (yes, I realize these examples involve money but they’re the first ones that come to mind) or giving someone your cart at the grocery store.

    I like how you say to bring joy to your work, too. This is sooo true! When I am in a good mood and am feeling positive, I like sharing others’ posts, leaving comments, and engaging on social media. It’s time-consuming, but worth it! Even if it is only done once every week or two, people will take notice! And love you for it!

    Adrienne Smith just published a post today – a guest post – about the 11 essentials of networking, esp. on social media. I think it’s worth a look, Joe. Take a few minutes to check it out. And no, the guest post isn’t from me. It’s from Mitch Mitchell.

    • Lorraine, those are exactly the lines I was going for. When we get away from our own desires and look how we can enhance the lives of others, people begin to see extraordinary things happen.

      Do you have a link to that guest post? I’d love to read it.