20 Things Leaders Should Say More Often

Words freely flow from our mouths. We say things we think matter and, more often than not, we say words that don’t matter.

It’s messed up I tell you! Why are we saying things that don’t matter instead of things that truly matter?

Let’s get into the habit of saying these 20 things leaders should say more often.

1. You’ve done a fantastic job.

2. Thank you for your hard work.

3. I appreciate what you’ve done for me.

4. Here’s 2 tickets to the Detroit Tigers game. (Not only will this make someone’s day, it’ll get two more Tigers fans to the stadium)

5. What can I do to make your job better?

6. I’ve messed up.

7. I don’t know. Let’s find out together.

8. How can we help each other?

9. Have you read The 2-Minute Leader? It’s a fantastic book. In fact, here’s a copy.

10. What have you learned recently?

11. We may not agree but I like you anyways.

12. Thanks for being awesome.

13. Let’s form Voltron! Oh wait, that won’t work. But you can say “Let’s work together. Things will be better this way.” Which is kind of like saying “let’s form Voltron.”

14. Do we have you in a position that ignites your passion?

15. I trust you.

16. Smile!

17. How can I help you further your dream?

18. Is everything okay?

19. Here’s a bonus. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bonus?

20. You’re a success.

Now it’s your turn. Go to the comments section and share one thing, that as a leader, you should say more often.

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  • Great list! I think “Thank You” is a good way to sum it up. We need to learn to say thank you more to those that work with us.

    • Paul, sounds good to me. What things do you look for so you can say thank you to your team?

      • A few things I do is to verbalize my appreciation in the moments I see them doing something great. I also write hand written notes.

  • An authentic, “You are a valuable part of this team” is huge. So many times I get this feeling that we’re all replaceable.

    • That’s a good one too Matt. It helps people to know they’re valued and are providing something the team needs. How do you convey this to those you lead?

      • I am very transparent in how I tell those around me. I’m a very good teller, not so much a shower. I’m with Matt too – I tell people I believe in them. My trouble is that so many leaders are inauthentic with their motives.

  • I believe in you.

    Those are the four most powerful words in a leader’s vocabulary http://www.mattmcwilliams.com/four-magic-leadership-words/

    • Those 4 words are vitally important Matt. I’ve found myself struggling when a leader in my life couldn’t/wouldn’t say them to me.

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  • Great stuff Joe. I also like things like “Let’s go get a coffee.”

    • I think that’s one of my favorites Brandon. It helps create relationship and breaks down walls.

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  • “What have you learned recently?” – Love it. Shows true interest.

    • That it does Kent. It also helps you learn as well. When the person starts to share, you’re gaining the knowledge they gained. Win-win!

    • I love asking that one @kentjulian:disqus

  • This is a really great list! I know I like hearing things like this and I need to work on saying them more often.

    One thing I do like to ask people is how I can pray for them and ask them what’s going on in their lives- that way, even if they don’t believe in God or ask for prayer, you can find out how to pray for them.

    • Mark Deterding

      Love that TC! No greater honor than being able to pray for someone. A great illustration as a leader that you truly care about them.

    • TC, I like that as well! You’re taking their personal situations and struggles into consideration. Who doesn’t like to know others care for them?

  • Mark Deterding

    Great list Joe. Another one I like is “Tell me more?” Then listen!!

    • Tell me more lets the person you’re leading know that you’re interested in what they’re saying. It’s definitely a great thing leaders should say more.

    • That’s a great one @markdeterding:disqus

  • Great list Joe!!! It’s essential to have those words in our vocabulary.

    • Thanks Dan. Did you have a favorite or do you say something leaders should say more often?

      • I really liked #2 “Thank you for your hard work.” It’s amazing what people will do when you recognize their efforts.

  • Is there anything you need from me? How can I help you? How can I be a better leader for you?

    • Those are all things a great leader says Jon!